My Online Community

There are so many great people I’ve met online.  I talk a lot about local community, but my online community has helped me in so many different ways.

Online I’ve met people like Alyson Stanfield, Nicolette Tallmadge, and Tara Gentile who give great marketing advice to artists.  Paul Overton from Dudecraft and Make & Meaning has talked about me, my work, and this blog, as well as exposing us all to amazing artists we may never would’ve heard of otherwise.

©2010 Tamra Gentry Fordite, sterling silver, 18KT gold, 14KT gold, almandine garnet

Then there is the amazing community (or communities even) of artists on the internet.  I am constantly finding new (to me at least) artists whose work is amazing.  There are mixed media, mosaic, ceramic, illustration, photography, and, of course, jewelry artists who I can interact with everyday through our blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.

Many of my online artist friends have been featured as Artists of the Month here.  Tamra Gentry is a wonderful jewelry artist that I can’t even remember where I initially met online, but who I love to hear from and talk to.  One day I’ll make it to Chicago and get to meet her in person.  I’d love to see her in action and be able to see her work up close in real life.

Red Bear ©2010 Leah Piken Kolidas acrylic on watercolor paper 11"x14"

Leah Piken Kolidas is a mixed media artist whose work I love.  Her blog is so personal and inspirational.  She has a couple of creative challenges and her Art Every Day Month has been a great way to explore different aspects of my creativity.  I’m already looking forward to this year’s.

There are so many other talented, inspirational, funny, and helpful people online that I can’t even begin to talk about them all here.  Who are some of the people you’ve met online?  How have they inspired you?

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6 thoughts on “My Online Community

  1. Hi Wendy!

    The people I’ve met online….You’ve mentioned a few here….Tamra is one for me too. And then there’s you. Another metalsmith that comes to mind is Janice Fowler. Other artists, Tracey Clarke ~ a truly gifted oil painter, Don Michael Jr ~ another painter whose focus is masks, Cynthia Morgan & Linda Steider (glass artists). Shay Stone & Swati Nigam , masters of the wire wrap for jewelry creations.

    Obviously I’ve left out a large number because I have met so many and I certainly don’t mean to slight any of the others I know and admire….the list is rather long.

    All of them influence, inspire me in their own way….as unique as the art they create in their respective mediums. A common thread for each is their artistic struggles and growth. What they’ve overcome and how they have shared their journeys. I’m grateful to each one for the impact they have had on me and my work.


    1. I know it’s hard to list everyone! There are so many people I could add, that’s why I said that you could find a bunch of people on the Artist if the Month page. Being solitary is a given to most artists, so being able to find friends online has been such a wonderful thing. You can almost always find someone who’s dealt with what your struggling with or maybe you can help someone who’s just starting out. SO many opportunities to help and find help!


  2. You’re right Wendy – these virtual friends really put a smile on your face. BTW – have you changed your blog? It looks fabulous and I love the font.


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