Going Gargantuan

Wooden links for a necklace idea ©2016 WTEK
Wooden links for a necklace idea ©2016 WTEK

I’ve been a little blocked recently when it comes to designing. I’ve been stuck on stupid little things that are holding up my process, worrying about details to distraction. So I figured that I need to start playing around a little in the studio to get my mojo back.

I decided to try and make a chain out of sticks instead of hammered wire.

Original idea for giant link necklace ©2016 WTEK
Original idea for giant link necklace ©2016 WTEK

Then I decided to go super huge and use the patterns I was working on in conjunction with my tall sculpture as GIANT CHAIN LINKS! Maybe I’ve been watching too many morning shows, but I’ve been noticing that oversized is in (at least in some circles) and thought “oversized is who I am as a jeweler!” I’m taking it to the nth level with these links. OK, maybe not outlandishly gigantic, but giantly wearable.

Now with a slightly smaller giant link to keep it interesting... ©2016 WTEK
Now with a slightly smaller giant link to keep it interesting… ©2016 WTEK

Now I just need to decide on the texture for these bad boys…

Trying out some textures for the links ©2016 WTEK
Trying out some textures for the links ©2016 WTEK

Lancaster First Friday Artist Demos in July

Took this awesome action shot and then realized I'm wearing the same shirt as my avatar. I really do own other shirts!
Sure, this isn’t foldforming, but it is me with a hammer!

You’ve seen still images here on Hammermarks of me working. Now you can see the actual me working on my metalwork. That is, if you are in Lancaster, PA next Friday July 1st. I will be demonstrating foldforming while Amy Burk will be hand-building clay trays, Brian Cunfer will be woodturning, Kathleen Cunfer will be gelli plate printing, and Lisa Gallagher will be making jewelry. Join us from 6-9pm at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen‘s Center of American Craft at 335 N. Queen St.

Hidden Gems

etowngraffiti1Elizabethtown has a few contradictions. It’s a college town, but one that’s fairly conservative. There are always new shops popping up, but they rarely stay. It’s surrounded by farmland, but the main employers are factories and warehouses.

There is a small artistic presence here, and there was even a mural campaign that happened before I moved here. You can see the fading remnants on a barn and two downtown buildings I pass all the time (there are more, but I rarely go by them.)

That’s why this mural is such a surprise. It’s actually behind one of the buildings with the conservative mural on it. I love it and I finally got a chance to stop and snap a few pics of it. Hopefully it will stay a while.

etowngraffiti2 etowngraffiti3 etowngraffiti4