ACC Baltimore 2016

Has it been a year already? Once again I will be a special SNAG Invitational Artist at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore. I’ll have almost all of my holloware, sculptures, and wall pieces at BOOTH #875 for you to see, talk with me about, and of course buy and take home with you!


Feb. 19–21 at the Baltimore Convention Center

Look at my pretty new booth set-up! I got compliments on this as well as my art!
Last year’s ACC Booth. This year stop by BOOTH #875

Join us for three days of festivities celebrating all things handmade! More than 650 top contemporary jewelry, clothing, furniture, and home décor artists from across the country will gather under one roof. It’s your chance to touch, feel, and explore high-quality American craft and meet the makers behind the fabulous work. This is the American Craft Council’s flagship show – a must-attend for craft lovers.

Plus, meet the country’s top emerging artists! Stop by our Hip Pop pods dotting the show floor to see their contemporary pieces, ranging from sophisticated elegance to cutting edge. Look for the pink and black Hip Pop logo to locate these fresh finds.

Scabrous Bloom will be there! ©2015 WTEK brass, nickel 8.5″h x 6″w x 6.25″d $715.00

Friday, Feb. 19: 10 a.m.–8 p.m.
Saturday, Feb. 20: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 21: 11 a.m.–5 p.m.

The Baltimore Convention Center is at One West Pratt Street.
Traveling to the show? Visit for discounts and specials

New for 2016! You may enter the show one of two ways: Our main entrance is on the corner of Pratt and Charles streets. We will have a second entrance and box office open on the corner of Pratt and Howard streets.

Save time and money by purchasing your tickets online. Just CLICK HERE, print your tickets, and then present them at the show door. It’s that easy!
$14 one-day pass
$34 three-day pass

And don’t forget this guy – Eye of Ta’roq ©2016 WTEK nickel, copper, brass, agate 8.5″h x 9.5″w x 5.25″d $1,100.00

$16 one-day pass
$36 three-day pass
FREE for American Craft Council members and children 12 and under

Get into the show for just $5 after 5 p.m. Sorry, no other discounts apply.

• Love fashion? This is your year! Professional stylists will show how handmade pieces are the perfect fit for any fashion-conscious wardrobe in our new program,  Style Slam.
• Get creative as top artisans and industry experts will let you get up-close to the creative process at our experiential Let’s Make Inspiration Stations. Fun for the whole family!
• See craft in context at our home décor exhibition “Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft.” This year’s theme is “4 Directions,” where designers and architects will create room vignettes inspired by fine craft that demonstrates the essence of style in the North, South, East, or West.

It’s Fun to Play at the YBC

Ann & Connie
Ann & Connie
YBC members have fun
YBC members having fun

As may remember, I am a member of the Yellow Breeches Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen (truth be told, I’m the Vice President of the chapter.) Every month we have meetings where we go over Chapter business, talk about upcoming events, and there is always a program of some sort. We’ve had show & tell, presentations by local arts venues and groups, and last night we had a fun make and take.

Our little maker's kit
Our little maker’s kit

Ann Boncal and Connie Hollenbaugh gave a presentation on chain maille (Ann did most of the talking and Connie put the kits together for us.) Then after finding out a bit about the history of it, we got to try our hand at making a bracelet. It was an easy chain, but it created a cool spiral and it was fun to work on something short and sweet.

Close-up in process shot
Close-up in process shot

I got to go around the room and check out how everybody was doing and even though the majority of members there hadn’t done this before (and don’t even work in metal) everyone made great progress and had fun.

Finished product (I finished it up at home, about 1/2 of it got finished at the meeting)
Finished product (I finished it up at home, about 1/2 of it got finished at the meeting)

And So It Begins…

First I cleaned my bench up a little...
First I cleaned my bench up a little…

I feel like I’m a little late this year, but I started SBC VIII today. Technically I started designing it before, but today I actually touched hammer to metal.

Will I be doing something simple this year? Something small, perhaps? Do you know me at all?

Some of the templates I'll be using ©2016 WTEK
Some of the templates I’ll be using ©2016 WTEK

I thought I was going to do something semi-simple, at least there wouldn’t be any raising or planishing involved. Then I remembered how long it took me to assemble Scavenger (whose assemblage idea I’m using this time around for my bowl) and I decided to scale up the size of the pieces. Because of course I want a super huge bowl this year. Fragmented got me hungering for bigger pieces last year.

1st step - texturizing (and yes, there is a brass piece here) ©2016 WTEK
1st step – texturizing (and yes, there is a brass piece here) ©2016 WTEK
All foldy-like ©2016 WTEK
All foldy-like ©2016 WTEK

So I figured I’d focus on texturing the pieces today. What metal do you think I’m using? Nickel of course! So it was pretty loud and grunty in the studio today as I textured, folded, and pried apart the GIANT sheets of nickel today. By giant I mean 22″ x 6″ 24g and 8.5″ x 12″ 22g.

Ta da! Unfolded! ©2016 WTEK
Ta da! Unfolded! ©2016 WTEK

I’m pretty sore in muscles I didn’t even know I had (or used.) This might also be compounded by all the snow shoveling that happened this past weekend (we had at least 31″.)

So how is your Super Bowl coming along? Thought of an idea yet? Maybe started work already? We have less than two weeks to go before February 7th, so you better get on it!