You Add Some, You Lose Some

Partially cut out nickel.

Take it away, take it away, take it away now.

When an artist creates a piece of work, she works in one of two ways – additive or subtractive. In one, you build up, or add on to a sculpture or surface. In the other you take away, or subtract from it.

Most painting is an additive process – you apply paint in layers onto a canvas. Carving is a subtractive way to work. The artist starts with a block of marble or wood and chips away “everything that isn’t the statue.”

So which way do I work?

Cut out portion of the bowl.

Subtracting part of Cascade ©2014 WTEK

I’m not sure what you would consider the techniques used to shape sheet metal – hollowforming, foldforming, chasing & repoussé. These just alter the shape of the metal without taking away or adding anything. It’s what you do with that formed piece that’s additive or subtractive.

First side together ©2015 WTEK

Adding the pieces of Fragmented together ©2015 WTEK

When I cut parts of it away (piercing) that is definitely a subtractive process. Trimming edges, cutting holes out, cutting multiple parts out of a single sheet of metal – all subtractive.

But then I start to add parts back on. Layers get riveted or soldered on, the base gets added, even putting a piece on a chain or hook adds something to it.

So the answer is both! My art is born out of bits taken away and others added on to create a new whole.

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Back at Art of the State!!!

Fragmented is one that named itself, though I did try to change it, but it just really wanted that name ©2015 nickel, brass, copper 13.5" x 13.5" x 3.75" $1550.00

Fragmented, SBC VII and one of the Chosen Ones ©2015 nickel, brass, copper 13.5″ x 13.5″ x 3.75″ $1550.00

For the 5th time my work has been accepted to the Art of the State exhibition at the State Museum of Pennsylvania! This prestigious exhibition showcases the best of Pennsylvania’s artists and each year it has different people jury the applications. This year 128 works were chosen out of over 1600 entries. Fragmented was one of the chosen ones.

Tada! Me with Ebb & Flow at the exhibition ©2013

Tada! Me with Ebb & Flow at the 2013 Art of the State exhibition ©2013

I don’t have all the exhibition details yet, but the opening reception and awards ceremony will be on SUNDAY June 28th in the afternoon sometime. This is different from years past when it was on a Saturday evening. Once I get more info on the opening and any artist talks in conjunction with the exhibit, I’ll let you know.

Fragmented is the 3rd of my Super Bowls to be in the Art of the State exhibitions. Memory & Shadow was in in 2011 and Ebb & Flow got in in 2013. Last year the vessel Tether was showcased and in 2007 my crown, Humble Conceit, got in.

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Playing with Paper

Five points on the left, three on the right ©2015 WTEK

Five points on the left, three on the right ©2015 WTEK

Since I finished Balefire, I’ve been trying to work out some new ideas. The easiest way to begin this process is for me to make some paper models. I wanted to work on a chalice-like piece (that you won’t be able to drink any liquid out of) that is folded and riveted together like Vortex is. The only thing is that I want a deeper shape that doesn’t have the sharp corners that Vortex has. So I worked on making it with five parts instead of three.

Cool, but not what I'm looking for ©2015 WTEK

Cool, but not what I’m looking for ©2015 WTEK

This didn’t really work for the project I had in mind, though it came out pretty cool. I tried manipulating the form a little bit, but it still wasn’t what I wanted. I went back to my original sketch and started working with shapes that arced the way I wanted. Then I used some patterns I had lying around from another project and fooled around with them until the began to shape what I wanted. I then drew the base shape and it looks super funky. We’ll see how it works.

That's the ticket! ©2015 WTEK

That’s the ticket! ©2015 WTEK

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