June Artist of the Month – Gatski Metal/The Steel Fork

Ram's Head ©2010 Gatski Metal 23"w x 18"h x 12"d

How do you combine sustainable agriculture and metalwork?  Just ask the Gatski’s and they’ll tell you all about their love for reusing old farm equipment for their metal sculpture and furniture.  And about their delicious sausage.  What’s better than metal and pork products?  I don’t know.

Tractor Hood Bar or Entry Table ©Gatski Metal 34”h x 40”w x 12.5”d

I met the Gatski’s online through Twitter/PA Guild and the Handmade in PA blog.  I’ve seen their(Ben & Kate) work in person at the PA Guild’s Garden Party exhibit at the Guided Tulip in Lancaster.  Their weather vanes, furniture, and animal heads are made from recycled steel that’s from old farm equipment.  I love the rustiness and sort of retro vibe I get from their work, and the moose/ram/deer heads you can mount on your wall like trophies always make me smile.

You can find their work on the Gatski Metal website, the Steel Fork website (also where you can find their sausage), their Etsy site, and they also blog, make that two blogs!

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