Going Gargantuan

Wooden links for a necklace idea ©2016 WTEK
Wooden links for a necklace idea ©2016 WTEK

I’ve been a little blocked recently when it comes to designing. I’ve been stuck on stupid little things that are holding up my process, worrying about details to distraction. So I figured that I need to start playing around a little in the studio to get my mojo back.

I decided to try and make a chain out of sticks instead of hammered wire.

Original idea for giant link necklace ©2016 WTEK
Original idea for giant link necklace ©2016 WTEK

Then I decided to go super huge and use the patterns I was working on in conjunction with my tall sculpture as GIANT CHAIN LINKS! Maybe I’ve been watching too many morning shows, but I’ve been noticing that oversized is in (at least in some circles) and thought “oversized is who I am as a jeweler!” I’m taking it to the nth level with these links. OK, maybe not outlandishly gigantic, but giantly wearable.

Now with a slightly smaller giant link to keep it interesting... ©2016 WTEK
Now with a slightly smaller giant link to keep it interesting… ©2016 WTEK

Now I just need to decide on the texture for these bad boys…

Trying out some textures for the links ©2016 WTEK
Trying out some textures for the links ©2016 WTEK

2015 Accomplishments

During this week of looking back at 2015, we have to end on a high note. So here is a list of all the things that went right this year in my metalsmithing life.

2015 Accomplishments

Look at my pretty new booth set-up! I got compliments on this as well as my art!
Look at my pretty new booth set-up! I got compliments on this as well as my art!
  • Designed and made a new booth layout
  • Had work in the JAM Gallery Winter, Spring, Fall, & Holiday shows
  • ACC Baltimore!
  • Fragmented was chosen for Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2015 at the State Museum in Harrisburg, PA
  • Completed my 7th Super Bowl
  • My work is now in the DCCA’s Alternatives Store in Wilmington, DE
  • Trophy of Kaat Lir & Maelstrom were chosen for the 2nd Annual JAM Gallery Juried Exhibition

Me Trophy Bobbie Rose

  • Cascade was chosen for Water at CORE New Art Space gallery in Denver, CO
  • I was commissioned to make the “Rose” Bowl Trophy!
  • Cascade was accepted into the Jurors’ Selection List of the 2015 Foldforming Competition
  • I participated in the Tyler Art Market at Temple University in Philly
  • I had a booth at Fall Into Fine Craft in Carlisle, PA
  • Tara Lynn Johnson wrote an article featuring the Rose Bowl trophy and tournament
  • 2015 ACW Masterpieces adVortex was invited to American Craft Week’s Masterpiece E-xhibit and Sale as the Pennsylvania representative
  • Akimbo was chosen for the We Are SNAG: Contemporary Smiths online exhibition
  • Accepted into Handmade Holidays 6 at Some Things Looming in Reading, PA
  • Completed Scavenger for the YBC Puzzle Piece Challenge
  • I was reelected as the Yellow Breeches Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftmen’s Vice President
  • I figured out how to make belt buckles!
  • I had a surprise pop-up shop at the PA Guild of Craftsmen’s store in Lancaster, PA

2014 3rd Quarter Goal Check-In

We just entered the last quarter of the year, so it’s time for my next Goal check-in. As far as these goals have gone this year, I feel like I’m pretty on track. Let’s see how I stack up 3/4 of the way through 2014…

Wendy’s 2014 Goals

Pebble Moon Pendant ©2013 WTEK sterling silver, copper, brass
Pebble Moon Pendant ©2013 WTEK sterling silver, copper, brass $225.00 – You could learn this process at my Rivet Pendant workshop…
    • 8 Group Exhibitions
    • Teach at least 3 Workshops
    • Write a Magazine Article
    • Make a Body of Work for a Solo Exhibition
    • Plan & Execute a Solo Exhibition for 2015
    • Gain Representation in 1-3 New Galleries
    • Work on Getting into a Top-Tier Craft Show (Late 2014/Early 2015)

Not only have I had work in 8 group exhibitions, but I’ve also been invited to bring pieces into JAM Gallery‘s Holiday Benefit Show. That’s a bonus exhibition! This leads into the new gallery representation goal – while I don’t have a specific contract with JAM, this is the third time this year I’ve had work there, so I’m counting it for now. That would make two goals completed!

In 2014, so far I’ve taught 2/3 workshops and my Rivet Pendant is a go (there’s still a couple openings), so that will be 3 workshops taught this year. Unfortunately, the new Integrated Prong workshop didn’t run, but maybe next year will be its year.

I bet you recognize that piece in the front...
The 8th group exhibition is currently in progress at the PA Guildof Craftsmen (as is the 7th at JAM Gallery)

Magazine article still needs attention. I’m pretty much exactly where I was at the last check-in.

I’m still working on my body of work. I have three works currently in process, and 2 – 3 more (one of which I have completely planned already) before I hit my specific breadth and number of pieces I planned for this goal. I’m pretty confident that I’ll come within 1 – 2 pieces by the end of the year. Of course, I’ll always be contributing to my body of work, but this was a very specific body I wanted done for my…

Solo exhibition – like I said in the last check-in, this goal is tied to my body of work goal. Every step closer to completing that goal is a step toward completing this one. As far as specifically planning the exhibition, that will wait until after February. Why February? That’s when I’m in…

I'm slightly further than this... ©2014 WTEK Teapot in Progress
One of the works in progress ©2014 WTEK Teapot in Progress

The ACC Baltimore Show! It doesn’t get more top tier than an ACC show and I was invited to be a representative of SNAG at the 2015 show! I am so super stoked about this, it is one of my 10 year goals (for 2020) and it’ll be amazing! I am going as a metalsmith and not a jeweler, so that body of work will be coming with me. Hopefully, most of it won’t be coming back with me, but going home with others, which means I’ll have to work on more body of work pieces for any upcoming solo exhibitions I manage to plan.

3/4 Year Consensus: I’m pretty much exactly where I want to be right now. I keep putting off the article and I wish the other workshop had happened, but everything else has been steadily coming together. From now through February I’ll be working extra hard on making new pieces for ACC and beyond, and I won’t be focusing too closely on group exhibitions for the first part of next year, so this will narrow down my focus moving forward into the 4th quarter this year. Now I have to work on next year’s goals and reconfigure my 5 and 10 year goals (it’s that time again…)

How are your 2014 goals progressing? Are you ready for the end of this year?