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You may have noticed that maybe six months ago the Business Buzz column that I would write on Crafting an MBA disappeared when the site was transformed to Designing an MBA. If you’ve been jonesing all those posts I’d aggregate for you,I have a special treat. Here is a list of the top blogs that I’d pull from to give you the best business/marketing info I could find.

  • Inkling Media – Ken is someone I know personally and his advice is always good and from the heart. He’s always ready to help people out.
  • Art Biz Blog – Alyson is another really kind, helpful, and supportive person. But she doesn’t stand for excuses and “No Whining!” All of her products are great and she’s even better in person at a workshop. I’d Rather Be in the Studio is a must have for all artists who want to sell their work. (aff link)
  • This beautiful brooch is made by Harriete Estel Berman.

    Harriete Estel Berman’s Ask Harriete blog is chock full of great info for artists. Everything from how to photograph your work, to contracts, to Kickstarter projects, it’s here.

  • Fine Art Views is another artist based blog that has a variety of writers who talk about marketing, trends in the art world, ways of improving your creative talents, and all sorts of things.
  • Maria Brophy is great at marketing and licensing art. Her blog is helpful and extremely informative as to what she exactly has done to further her husband’s art career.
  • It’s good to look at general content sites that don’t focus on the arts as well. Copyblogger is a great resource to help you improve your blogging no matter what you blog about.
  • Artsy Shark is full of posts showcasing what actual artists have done to improve their business. There are all sorts of small, medium, and large things you can try to get your art sold.
  • Lori McNee is a working artist who loves to share her tips for a successful art career. I’ve linked to her business posts, but you can also find great painting tips and news from her studio on the same site.
  • Feeling lost in the world of social media? Social Media Examiner can help you navigate and succeed in this vast realm of connections.
  • American Express’ OPEN Forum is a great place to find tips for small business (not specifically art related.) There are tips on taxes, hiring employees, marketing, pricing, advertising, and a whole slew of other helpful information.
  • The Publicity Hound specializes in getting your business … publicity. She talks about all levels of publicity from your friends word of mouth to getting on major network television.

These are just the top ten. If you saw the list I used to compile the original Buzz posts, you’d probably shiver and look quickly away. You have to scroll down the bookmarks list.

I strongly recommend following all of these people on Twitter and/or Facebook and subscribe to their newsletters (if they have one.) If you read through these on a regular basis and just try one new thing each week, you’ll be surprised at the results.

Review of Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment

A few weeks ago I received an advance copy of Guy Kawasaki’s new book, Enchantment.  This is the first book by him that I’ve read, so I wasn’t sure of what to expect.  I’ve read a couple of other books on this same topic (at least one of which Guy used for research), so I wasn’t sure that I’d learn anything new.

I actually enjoyed reading this book!  So many business books come off dry, clinical, or seem too sales-y for my taste.  Guy’s style is very personable, friendly, and readable.  He makes his ideas and research applicable to the real world – even giving you actions you can do RIGHT NOW to become more enchanting.  And none of it feels smarmy or that you’re being manipulative to get people interested in your “cause.”

Another way Guy shows real world application of the book’s principles is by ending each chapter with a true story of enchantment.  The interesting part is that each story is told by someone other than Guy who was themselves enchanted by something.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants help becoming a better salesperson.  You could use these principles as an artist, fundraiser, speaker (or spouse, hehe), pretty much any field where you need other people helping you succeed.

Here is a fun test that Guy created for you to find out how enchanting you are. (It’s on Facebook.)

Blurb from the book jacket:

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions is Guy’s tenth book. In it, he explains how to influence what people will do while maintaining the highest standards of ethics.The book explains when and why enchantment is necessary and then the pillars of enchantment: likability, trustworthiness, and a great cause.

I want to make clear that I am not an affiliate, all I got for this review was a free book.  And now I want to share the wealth and pass this book on to one of you, my fabulous readers!  To be entered in the drawing, just leave a comment with a story of a time that a person, place, or thing enchanted you.  I would also love if you joined my mailing list, but that’s not a requirement, just a bonus point.  I’ll choose a winner the first day of Spring (March 20th) and post it on the blog.  Good luck and I hope that everyone gets a chance to read this book!

Some News from Harriete Estel Berman

Consuming Conversation Teacups work by Harriete Estel Berman

Harriete Estel Berman is a jeweler who uses recycled materials to create her beautiful and funky work.  She is also a business resource guru for jewelers.  In a little over a month she is giving a workshop for the PA Guild of Craftsmen here in Central PA, and she also wanted to spread the word about the Professional Development Seminar in conjunction with SNAG’s Seattle conference.  Here is the info on both:

Recipe for Success: Super Charge your Craft Business

April 9 & 10 9a-5p at Millersville University (just outside Lancaster, PA)

Ever missed an opportunity to have your work included in a juried exhibition? Missed a chance to be in a show, book or magazine? Are your photographic images good enough?

work by Emiko Oye a speaker at PDS

In this workshop, learn how to prepare for success! This workshop focuses on establishing professional goals, inventory management, and maintaining proper records for the IRS.  Learn how to develop your publicity and marketing skills plus much more.  Participants may submit specific questions in advance so the workshop aligns with their interest.  Everyone should bring their lunch.

The Workshop information can be tailored to your interests and is not media specific. Register early to ask your questions in advance so the workshop program can be tailored to your needs.


Are you interested in looking beyond the galleries and craft shows to learn

Work by Hilary Pfeifer a speaker at PDS

about the ins and outs of targeted marketing… Do you want solid, detailed information about digital photography and the shifting stylistic trends in art and craft documentation… then the Professional Development Seminar can help.

Come join us in Seattle during the SNAG conference May 28th, from 9-noon, for 3 dynamic hours with our panels of photographers, editors and niche marketers.

Bring you lunch to participate in the brown bag discussion. This informative program is open to the public and relevant to all media. $40.00 dollars at the door OR free with SNAG Conference registration.

The PDS: real tools for the real world.

For more information please visit SNAG’s website.