Dhani Jones, the World Cup, and Art

My husband and I are gearing up for the 2010 World Cup and so is one of our favorite shows, Dhani Tackles the Globe.  On this Monday’s episode (June 7th), Dhani will be learning soccer in South Africa and it’s a great tie-in since that’s where this year’s cup is being played.

If you’ve never seen the show, the premise is that Dhani Jones , who plays for the NFL, travels around the world playing different sports in foreign countries.  He’s played Gaelic Football, Dragon Boat Racing, Water Polo, a couple different types of wrestling, a couple different types of martial arts, and a host of other wildly different types of sports.

One of the most interesting things about the show is that being good at one sport doesn’t necessarily translate into being good at all sports.  Yes, Dhani’s in shape and has that drive and focus needed to excel in sports, but he’s not great at all of them.  He still does better than you or I would do, but you see how he still has to work hard for results.

It’s the same thing with art.  (You wondered where I was going with this, didn’t you?!)  Just because an artist is an excellent painter, ceramicist, or photographer doesn’t mean that they’d also excel at sculpture, weaving, or jewelry making.  It might come easier for them than for someone without a creative background, but they would still need to work incredibly hard to get results.

Just like Dhani learns about different cultures through playing their games, artists can learn new things about their own discipline by trying out different media.  Collectors could learn to appreciate their media of choice in different ways by researching totally different types of art.  Learning new things helps all of us expand out knowledge and perspective on the world.  What’s something slightly different, but new to you that you could try out?

Artistic Aside: Dhani also considers himself an artist and takes photographs and works on 3D projects as well as writing poetry and playing music.

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