A Plein Air Dream

Close up of the two plein air painters.
Close up of the two plein air painters.

Lately I feel interested in plein air paintings. I like the idea of an artist outside trying to capture the ever changing view of nature. You’d have to work quickly, roughly, have a sort of flexibility about your painting. Sometimes I see a man painting the farmfields and hills near my house when I drive into town, but I’ve never seen his work.

Gabriel Craig: the Pro Bono Jeweler

What if you could do other artforms en plein air? Imagine potters in the forest, metalsmiths in the fields, printmakers by the river. Sure, you could actually do these things – Gabriel Craig took his jeweler’s bench to the streets of Richmond – but it’s a little more difficult. Plus you usually aren’t capturing the view in that instant of nature, but more just being inspired by being in nature. I guess knitters are probably the best example of plein air craftspeople – they knit EVERYWHERE.

hammering en plein air ©2015 WTEK
hammering in the wilds of Quebec ©2015 WTEK

Maybe there could be a plein air revolution. People will start accounting in the mountain meadows, running actuarials on a park bench, maybe even barista-ing near a geyser. Imagine the steam you could use for your lattes!

For now, I guess I’ll stick to hammering in my studio, it’s probably better for my neighbors’ sanity. I can dream though…

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