Trophies of the Soccer World

The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF)
The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF)

While I’m diligently working away at the “Rose Bowl” trophy in my studio, there has been an international soccer tournament going on RIGHT HERE in the USA. CONCACAF’s Gold Cup has been happening for the last couple weeks and the final is this weekend. This decides who from out area of the world goes to the Confederations Cup in 2017.

The 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup – “The new Gold Cup has been sculpted in metal with golden plating, and features larger handles than the previous version, formed at a more extreme angle to represent the accelerated growth and dynamism of competition which today characterizes soccer in CONCACAF.”

You might notice that their logo looks a little familiar. I have to say that I began my trophy before this competition ever started and the finished piece won’t look anything like this.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy. Why does it look like a pearl with a ribbon?

Of course, you probably don’t care about that, after all, this is a metalsmithing blog. But maybe you’re interested in the giant metal trophies that go to the winners of such tournaments?

The FIFA World Cup – looks a little like gold foil covered chocolate. Kinda arty, kinda hard to read.

Some of them are boring (the Euro Cup & the Copa America trophy to be specific), some are weird, and some seem a little gender biased to me.

Which are your favorites?

African Cup of Nations in the hands of Cote d’Ivoire
The Asia Cup looks more like a bowl. I like that each of the Soccer Roos got their own little version of it.