SBC X Marks the Spot

The various parts of SBC X waiting to be put together ©2018 WTEK nickel, copper, brass
SBC X side ©2018 WTEK nickel, copper, brass

Well, I did it again. I was able to complete my 10th (!) Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday!

A bottom look at the base ©2018 WTEK nickel, copper, brass

This one stared out with the air chased sample I made last year, which I then cut up and then pierced holes into. These were added onto a wonky, vaguely triangle shaped, bowl that I sink. It was cut up to accommodate these holey nickel pieces.

Another side view ©2018 WTEK nickel, copper, brass

I created a base out of one of the bits I had cut out of the bowl, then riveted the whole thing together after sanding and patinating it. Now the only thing it needs is a name. What do you think about Kidney Vortex? (hahaha)

Please, if you participated this year, link your blog to this post and I will vreate a participants page later in the week!

The inside look at SBC X ©2018 WTEK nickel, copper, brass

SBC 10 is Coming Up Fast

Bowl Silhouette ©2018 WTEK

Can you believe that this is the TENTH YEAR for the Super Bowl Challenge? Neither can I! In 2018 the Super Bowl is on February 4th which is two weeks from today, so get busy designing the bowl you want to make this year.

What the net part will kind of look like ©2018 WTEK

The design I’m working on this year hearkens back to Ebb & Flow. I am going to have some smoother spots and then some cut-out spots as well. This is my opportunity to use some sample pieces I worked on while demonstrating at the PA Guild of Craftsmen last Fall.

Bowl & sample piece ©2018 WTEK

So get your thinking caps on, get into your studio/kitchen/garage/creative space and get cracking! This year you can post your images on a future post I will mention here, on the 2018 SBC Facebook Page or on Instagram using the hashtag #SBC2018.

SBC VII: Participant Round-Up

WEK super bowl challenge
©2015 Paula Lewis wet felted merino wool and silk with embroidery and bead accent about 7″ tall and 9″ across

Another year and another Super Bowl Challenge is over. I will keep doing these challenges until I no longer want to make bowls, but I love it when other artists take up the gauntlet and join me.

This is another year where there was just one other artist who chose to participate. In 2015, Paul Lewis of Scorched Eyebrow Studio made a wonderful felted “Rose Bowl.” Make sure to check out her blog to learn her opinion about pretty much everything. She is one of those people who helps out everyone she meets (even if it’s with a kick in the pants ;^)and I’m happy she joined me this year!

There’s still time if you just haven’t added any links or photos of your bowl this year. Just add them in the comments here and I’ll make an addendum to the post!