Rivet Pendant Workshop 2014 Student Work

View of (most of) our Rivet Pendant Workshop
View of (most of) our Rivet Pendant Workshop
Ken's Pendant with what appears to be a perfect circle.
Ken’s Pendant with what appears to be a perfect circle.

We had another excellent batch of students yesterday at my Rivet Pendant workshop. There were all skill levels and one student managed to complete 4 pendants, but everyone finished at least one. We braved the cold and pounded together some fine looking necklaces. Take a look!

(Unfortunately, one of my students, Sonya, left early and I forgot to get a photo of her piece. It was long and triangular with a bail instead of threading the cord through the rivet layers.)

Victoria’s pendant
Pam’s pendant
Emily’s pendant – she etched a little bee sketch on the back, but my photo turned out blurry.
Carsten’s four (4!) pendants, one with a bail (highlighted in the left corner)





Sure the class went well, but this is what was waiting for me on the way back home:


Yet Another Snow Day

You can't tell, but they've already plowed out street once.
You can’t tell, but they’ve already plowed our street once.
The Good, the Bad, and the Furry
The Good, the Bad, and the Furry

As you probably know, here on the East Coast we’ve had quite a white Winter. Today is no exception. This photo was taken around 11am and we’re still expecting it to keep snowing until around midnight (with a brief break this afternoon.) This means a lot of indoor time. My dog loves the snow and it brings wildlife to our patio, so he’s not completely upset. Of course, he love’s lying in the sun more than jumping through the snow… I have had some time where it wasn’t 20° in the studio and I’ve been working on this pendant inspired by this year’s SBC. I love that the past couple of bowls have inspired new directions in my jewelry as well. It’s nice to have a back and forth between the two disciplines.

DSC02608 copy
This used some curly elements from Cascade.
The folded up model original size.
The folded up model original size.

I’ve also been working out some new designs for bowls and wall pieces. In the PA Guild store, I saw a small ceramic dish by Marcia Reiver and I wondered if I could riff on that idea for a bowl. So I made a paper model to use as a jumping off point. Then I made a larger copy to see how that works.

My next steps will be to try some different configurations of the points to see how that would work out. Then if I like the way it’s going, I’ll fold up some metal and then cut the pattern and rivet it all up. I’ve been wanting to try a bowl that had parts cut out and then brought back together to create the concavity, so this will be a good challenge.

The bigger pattern.
The bigger pattern.

2013 Rivet Pendant Workshop Student Work

Hard at work in Lancaster.
Hard at work in Lancaster.

Yesterday was my first time teaching at the brand new PA Guild facility in Lancaster, PA! Since it snowed on Saturday, the class got moved to Sunday and not everyone showed up. But we had a good little group chock full of riveters. There were two Millersville University metals students and a Mother/Son team.

Caitlin Feather Pendants
Caitlin made two pendants, one that features sharpie coloring to bring out the textures. You might remember her from last year’s Fold Forming workshop.
Tyshana Rosado Pendant
Tyshana’s pendant. She went crazy with the textures!
Cathy Milanak Pendant
Cathy’s pendant. She used the Liver of Sulfur to darken it.
Luke Milanak Pendant
Luke made two pendants. Obviously, he’s riveted before. Guess what? He’s in high school, imagine when he gets to a college program.
Luke Milanak
Luke wearing his second pendant. He took up the challenge of riveting curved pieces together.

Does all this look like fun to you? Well I’m teaching a Fold Forming class at the Guild on February 22nd.