2015 Accomplishments

During this week of looking back at 2015, we have to end on a high note. So here is a list of all the things that went right this year in my metalsmithing life.

2015 Accomplishments

Look at my pretty new booth set-up! I got compliments on this as well as my art!
Look at my pretty new booth set-up! I got compliments on this as well as my art!
  • Designed and made a new booth layout
  • Had work in the JAM Gallery Winter, Spring, Fall, & Holiday shows
  • ACC Baltimore!
  • Fragmented was chosen for Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2015 at the State Museum in Harrisburg, PA
  • Completed my 7th Super Bowl
  • My work is now in the DCCA’s Alternatives Store in Wilmington, DE
  • Trophy of Kaat Lir & Maelstrom were chosen for the 2nd Annual JAM Gallery Juried Exhibition

Me Trophy Bobbie Rose

  • Cascade was chosen for Water at CORE New Art Space gallery in Denver, CO
  • I was commissioned to make the “Rose” Bowl Trophy!
  • Cascade was accepted into the Jurors’ Selection List of the 2015 Foldforming Competition
  • I participated in the Tyler Art Market at Temple University in Philly
  • I had a booth at Fall Into Fine Craft in Carlisle, PA
  • Tara Lynn Johnson wrote an article featuring the Rose Bowl trophy and tournament
  • 2015 ACW Masterpieces adVortex was invited to American Craft Week’s Masterpiece E-xhibit and Sale as the Pennsylvania representative
  • Akimbo was chosen for the We Are SNAG: Contemporary Smiths online exhibition
  • Accepted into Handmade Holidays 6 at Some Things Looming in Reading, PA
  • Completed Scavenger for the YBC Puzzle Piece Challenge
  • I was reelected as the Yellow Breeches Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftmen’s Vice President
  • I figured out how to make belt buckles!
  • I had a surprise pop-up shop at the PA Guild of Craftsmen’s store in Lancaster, PA

Chasing Textures

It feels like forever ago that I wrote the tutorial about chasing over air here on Hammermarks. (Looks like it was actually 4 1/2 years ago…) So do I still use this technique? Do I have work utilizing it that you can buy? Why, Yes, Yes, & Yes!

Trophy of Kaat Lir ©2015 nickel, brass 12"h x 8"w x 5.75"d $1130.00
Trophy of Kaat Lir ©2015 nickel, brass 12″h x 8″w x 5.75″d $1130.00

I’ve used this technique for a number of pieces’ overall texture which I then cut-up and reassemble, like:

Scabrous Bllom ©2015 nickel, brass 8.5″h x 6″w x 6.25″d $715.00 available through JAM Gallery in Malvern, PA

or these two available through my website:

Downrush ©2014 nickel, brass, wood 12″h x 8″w x 2″d $1030.00
Maelstrom ©2013 copper, brass
Maelstrom ©2013 copper, brass 4.75″h x 6″w x 6.5″d $2015.00

Perhaps you’d prefer jewelry…

JAM jewelry
These pieces are available at the JAM Gallery in Malvern, PA’s Winter Exhibition.
These pieces are at Handmade Holidays 6 at Some Things Looming in Reading, PA
These pieces are at Handmade Holidays 6 at Some Things Looming in Reading, PA

So as you can see, chasing over air has been a technique that’s served me well.

We Are SNAG: Contemporary Smiths

You know that's slightly chicken-y Akimbo ©2012 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
Akimbo ©2012 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass

I am very honored to be representing the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) in this year’s online exhibition, We Are SNAG: Contemporary Smiths. Out of 700 entries my teapot, Akimbo, was one of only 27 pieces chosen for this exhibition. It even includes a piece by one of my metalsmithing heroes, David Huang!

From “blacksmith” to “goldsmith”, “silversmith” to “bladesmith”, the term “smith” denotes connotations of skill and mastery.  As makers, designers, craftspeople, artists, students, teachers, independent studio practitioners, gallerists, and hobbyists, WE ARE SNAG.  Juried by Sue Amendolara, Greg Gehner, and Tom Muir, this online exhibition embraces the work of contemporary smiths and highlight some of the extraordinary works created by members of SNAG using traditional or contemporary smithing processes including, but not limited to: vessels, objects, sculpture, jewelry, and architectural works. WE ARE SNAGContemporary Smiths is the second in a series of juried online WE ARE SNAG member exhibitions celebrating the breadth of our field and membership.