Where Are They Now?

Every month I either have featured an artist or interviewed one here on Hammermarks.  But what happens after their month is over?  Here is some new work by old favorites.

Fordite I Collection-"Mod Squad" Cocktail Ring ©2011 Tamra Gentry

Another fabulous fordite ring from Tamra Gentry.  And it looks like she’s back to blogging (and I’m probably waaaaaaaaaay behind in finding that out.)

The Famous Nemo is still out touring the country and drawing freehand circles.  And it looks like he’s working on a children’s book too.

Asian Koi print ©2011 Nemo
Structures #119 ©2011 Lisa Call 48″ x 72″

Lisa Call is expanding some of her previous series, exhibiting new work, and about to teach her workshop, Working in a Series.

Photographer, Daniel Sroka, has certainly been busy.  He has two new galleries, was selected as one of the Top Ten Solo Artists at Art Expo, and had his 1200th ketubah commission.

Vision ©2011 Daniel Sroka
Oasis from the Veracity Series ©2011 Kathleen Krucoff

Kathleen Krucoff has been working in various series, exhibiting all over and her blog has gotten even better.

There are many more artists that I didn’t get a chance to give you an update on and there will be many more featured in the future.  But for today, enjoy these treasures.

January Artist of the Month – Lisa Call

I know, I had been alternating between metals and other artists every other month, but I decided that new year = new rules.

©2008 Lisa Call - Lines #12
©2008 Lisa Call - Lines #12

This month I wanted to feature Lisa Call, a textile artist whose blog I have been following and whose work is really great.  Her work is abstract, but very detailed.  If you look closely at the stitching you can see how much work goes into each piece.  She’s also made quite an effort to create pieces of varying sizes and price points without sacrificing quality so that everyone can enjoy it.  Please visit her blog, sign up for her newsletter, and of course buy her work!

©2003 Lisa Call - Structures #25
©2003 Lisa Call - Structures #25

No fate but what we make

I was driving back from the grocery store this morning, and of course was a little funky with the dreary, foggy weather.  Then, as I was pulling onto my street there was a segment on NPR about Bob Raglan, a non-starving Denver artist who has been solely employed as an artist (and teacher of art) for 40 years.  His attitude was contagious and he was so upbeat.

On his website he has tips for buying art, tips for selling art, and of course some photos of himself and his art.  I wasn’t super impressed with the layout of his website, but obviously something he’s doing is working for him!  I still have to say that it is his attitude that affected me the most though.

I need to work on strengthening my positive attitude and going out there and making things happen.  Coincidentally enough, Lisa Call had a post on Christine Kane’s blog talking about how she went out and made things happen for herself.  I think that the universe might be trying to tell me something this morning, so I better go out there and start making my future happen the way I want it to.