Metalsmith’s Little Known Tools Compendium

Compass set (from my 2D design class in college), protractor, dividers, and paper circle dividers
Compass set (from my 2D design class in college), protractor, dividers, and paper circle dividers

This summer I introduced you to a number of tools that aren’t normally associated with metalsmithing, but are nevertheless one’s that I need to complete my pieces. In case you missed them, here is a recap of those posts.

And some older posts about tools:

My Favorite Hammers
My Favorite Hammers

And some toolmaking tutorials:

And of course, a link to the list of Better Know Your Hammer posts I did:

A Compendium of Hammers

Avenge This – Hammer Links

Thor workin’ it

Some more crazy hammer links – this time in honor of the Avengers (featuring Thor and his hammer) I’m focusing on the big screen.

  • Hammers in Movies on Ugo – look someone else had my idea! Too bad so many of these hammers are used for violence.
  • Of course – Hammer Films. Not actual hammers but bringers of horror.
  • The Hammer featuring Adam Corolla so you can guess what kind of humor it contains. I haven’t seen it.
  • Hammer – a blaxpoitation film which, like the movie above, is not about a hammer, but a boxer. Once again, I haven’t seen it.
  • I bet you didn’t know that MC Hammer has graced the silver screen
  • Then there’s the actor Armie Hammer who will be in a film adaptation of the Lone Ranger where Johnny Depp is playing Tonto. Sounds unfortunate. And isn’t Tim Burton worried that his wife is in so many movies with Johnny?
  • And in case you weren’t disturbed enough by Tetsuo: the Iron Man, there’s a sequel Tetsuo II: Body Hammer.

Hammer Books

Lucifer's Hammer

For fun, today I’m posting a list of hammer books. You know about my hammer book, but these aren’t necessarily about tools. Enjoy!

Please note, there are many other books out there with “hammer” in the title, books I’ve purposely kept off this list. NSFW books. You can guess what kind.