Are You Building an Ark in There?

Up-and-over garage door.
What's behind your closed doors? Image via Wikipedia

Yes, the title of the post is a quote from one of my neighbors.  I’m sure that what I’m up to in the garage (my studio) is strange and unusual to the people who live around me.  I don’t go around shouting throughout the neighborhood that I’m a jeweler, so only some of the neighbors know what I’m up to.

When I’m walking the dog around in the evening, I sometimes hear the sounds of hammers, saw, and other tools emanating from other people’s garages.  I’ve seen inside a couple of them (from the street) and know that at least two of the houses in my neighborhood have secret woodshops and one has a whole car repair bay (including a lift.)  I wonder what they think is going on in my studio.  The garage doors are insulated, so I don’t ever open them and no one gets a tantalizing glimpse into my secret world.

I kind of like being a mystery.  “What’s going on in there?”  “Are they building something illegal?”  “Why is it so noisy?”  It’s fun to keep them guessing.  Of course, if they only asked, I would tell them!

What do your neighbors think is going on in your private sanctum?  What is your garage like?  A man cave, studio space, or simply a place to keep your car?  Leave a comment and let us know.