Jewelry at the Alternatives Museum Store

Bamboo Cuff II ©2014 WTEK brass, now at Alternatives Museum Shop
Bamboo Cuff II ©2014 WTEK brass, now at Alternatives Museum Store

Woot! Monday I sent out a selection of jewelry pieces that will now be available at the Alternatives Museum Store at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington!

You may remember that back a few years I participated in an event there, and it’s a great space right near the Riverfront. The DCCA is packed with artist studios as well as having the store and exhibitions, so it makes a great place to spend some time.

Open Tuesday through Sunday.

Outmoded Jewelry Terms

For those of you subscribed to my newsletter, you might remember this from one of last year’s mailings. I wanted something fun to share with everyone while I’m at Peters Valley this weekend and maybe it will inspire a few others to sign up for my mailing list (hint, hint.)

Outmoded Jewelry Terms

  • Carcanet: A jeweled chain, necklace, or collar
  • Gorget from the Division of Military History and Diplomacy, National Museum of American History

    Gorget: a crescent-shaped ornament worn on a chain around the neck as a badge of rank by officers in the 17th and 18th centuries

  • Chatelaine: a hook-like clasp or a chain for suspending keys, trinkets, scissors, a watch, etc., worn at the waist by women or a women’s lapel ornament resembling this
  • Fob: A short chain with a decorative seal or other device attached to the end. The fob and chain hung outside the watch pocket, and could be used to pull the watch out of the pocket.
  • Girdle with Pomander: A girdle was a leather or metal belt that wrapped a round the waist to hang things on (in lew of pockets) The pomander which hung from the girdle encased ambergris  or another perfume to protect against infection.
  • Chaplet: a type of head ornament in the form of a garland, wreath, or ornamented band, to be worn around the head. Chaplets were made of metal with repoussé decoration or embellished with gemstones and pearls.

Rivet Workshop Rocked!

Michael showing how much fun we had. He's wearing his pendant.

Yesterday was my first Rivet Pendant workshop and it went pretty well (See, I refrained from saying “smashing.”)  I do probably need to make it a little bit longer, but everyone was able to finish at least one pendant.  Interestingly, only the guys actually put theirs on the cord during class…

There were a fair number of people there with prior metalwork experience, so they all decided to draw their own patterns, getting pretty crazy at times.  It was really neat to see all the different versions of the same project.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to offer this class again sometime.  (Hint, hint, if you know of a place that might like to offer it, hook us up)

My students hard at work.
Of course Darlene went outside the lines with her pendant!
Patricia's came out really textural and freeform.
Lindsay's reminds me of jacks.
Lora-Lynn added all kinds of layers to hers.
Sherry was the only student to complete two pendants. You can see the difference between the patinated one and the one left "natural."
We had to work out some kinks to get the cord on Dan's, but he has three layers and look at all that intricate piercing he did!

PS – My next workshop is the Sinking a Bowl workshop in conjunction with the 2012 Super “Bowl” Challenge on January 28-29th, 2012 at Millersville University.