Updating Hammermarks’ Look

I mentioned a while ago that I’m redoing the old blog. Before I jump into changing the amount of tutorial action here, I’m starting with the look. While I can’t get it to match my website and still keep this blog address, I was thinking of updating the look to be closer to the new look there.

Here are two examples of what that might look like: (keep in mind that I will be able to customize certain aspects once I actually switch over to that theme)
This one:
Or This One:
sketchexampleThere is also a dark horse i n the running. It totally doesn’t match my website and it isn’t cleaner than what I have now, but I think it works with the aesthetic of my work. What do you think:

elegantgrungeexampleGive your opinions in the comments. You are the people who choose to look at it, so let me know your preference!

Kinda Sketchy

New design I'm working on from initial idea to a mostly complete one. ©2015 WTEK
New design I’m working on from initial idea to a mostly complete one. ©2015 WTEK

As you may or may not realize, I don’t always work from sketches, but usually out of an idea I keep in my head. I’ll do little doodles with notes to help me remember what my original idea is.

My raised pieces usually have a technical drawing that I can refer to as I raise to know a) how big to make the initial disk, and b) where to place my breaks. This is a bit different, and I don’t consider those “sketches.”

Lately I’ve been working primarily with paper prototypes before I begin a piece (or in the middle to work through problems) – still more like technical drawings and less like sketches.

But occasionally I’ll get an idea that I want to make sure I remember exactly as I first envisioned it or to work out design issues/alternatives. Then I need to make an actual sketch of the idea. Here are some with their final results.

Tether ©2013 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
Tether ©2013 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
"Strips" Wallpiece (still needs a name) ©2015 nickel, copper, brass, wood
“Strips” Wallpiece (still needs a name) ©2015 WTEK nickel, copper, brass, wood

And then some come out completely different from the initial idea…THANK THE GODS!

Ixis ©2014 copper, brass, amethyst agate slice
From static to WOW – Ixis ©2014 WTEK copper, brass, amethyst agate slice

Teapots, Wall Pieces, and Jewelry

I'm slightly further than this... ©2014 WTEK Teapot in Progress
I’m slightly further than this… slightly ©2014 WTEK Teapot in Progress

It’s true, you haven’t had many in process posts here recently. Mostly it’s because I’m neck deep in started works, but just haven’t had many finished pieces recently (aside from the giant group piece I made with the Alchemists.)

I’m in the boring to document stage of a teapot, I still need to to finish off those earrings I’ve been working on (and make a few

We stumbled upon three frisky foxes at the Montreal Botanical Gardens ©2014 WTEK
We stumbled upon three frisky foxes at the Montreal Botanical Gardens ©2014 WTEK

more pairs.) Plus I have some wall pieces constantly brewing on the back burner.

So I am working and there are new pieces to be revealed, I just need to make it to the next stage before unleashing them on the world. Plus, I was actually on vacation the last week and 1/2, so I’m doing all the catch-up from that. But seriously, I am working in the studio.