Still Figuring it Out

It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s sunny, it snows

I haven’t been in the studio as much as usual lately. There are so many reasons why. It’s too cold, it’s too warm (gardening), too many other things happening, lack of ideas, etc. That doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting idle.

I’ve been working on some other creative pursuits like trying out painting and writing again. I’m taking a free class in one and just jumping in to the other. There is everything I’ve been doing with the PA Guild of Craftsmen & the Yellow Breeches Chapter boards. I’ve been doing non-artistic things as well (gasp.)

But I’ve been mulling things over in my head and I’m ready to come our of my winter hibernation. It’s hard sometimes to build your motivation back up after taking some time off (even if you really needed it.) Not to mention all the vitriol being spewed online has kept me away from places like Facebook & Twitter.

There is a change in the way everyone is experiencing art and it’s tough finding the crest of that wave as well. So that’s something else I’ve been trying to figure out. It’s a time of finding myself I guess. So where do you look when you’re looking for inspiration? What motivates you?