2nd Quarter 2016 Goal Check-In (just a little late)

Wendy’s 2016 Goals

yet to be named gorget ©2016 WTEK nickel, brass $200.00
yet to be named gorget ©2016 WTEK nickel, brass $200.00
  • Solo Exhibition
  • Blog Post Every 4 Days Every Week
  • 4-8 Group Exhibitions
  • Representation in 1-3 New Galleries √
  • 12 7 Major Finished Pieces
  • 1-2 Art/Networking Events per Month

Obviously I’m a little late getting this posted for the 2nd quarter’s goal check-in. Just know that there is a lot of turmoil going on in other non-metal parts of my life that have been intruding too much into these better areas that I would prefer to focus on. Depression can be a real bugger.

Let’s start with the first goal – solo exhibition. I don’t have any concrete news on this front, but I have been getting out there and contacting galleries about this. So active work is happening and that I am happy about. Hopefully soon I’ll get something more concrete to share with you.

You can tell that even with the decreased blog post count I’m not exactly where I wanted to be with this. I’m back on track now though to continue giving you content once a week.

As well as continuing to have work at JAM Gallery, I had a few pieces in the PA Guild of Craftsmen Instructor & Student Exhibition in February and the Community Art Show at the Lancaster Museum of Art is going on right now. So that’s two of 4-8 group exhibitions down. Plus Handmade Holidays 7 will be this December. That’s three!

The pattern for the It's further than this now, believe me! ©2016 WTEK
It’s further than this now, believe me! ©2016 WTEK

I’m at the same level of galleries since the last check in, so that’s OK. I wouldn’t mind adding another before the holidays, but I also haven’t been working actively on that this quarter.

The 12 finished major pieces will not be an attainable goal. That was based on making mostly sculpture, and I have been working on some more jewelry and just in a general slow down in regards to making right now (see note above.) I have three finished sculptures and I am almost done with my box for the 2016 YBC Challenge, so that will be four. I will be working on jewelry after that for my upcoming Holiday craft show and HH7, so probably I’ll be able to get maybe 1-2 other major pieces finished this year. Hard to say yet though.

I have been making it out to at least 1 art/networking event each month, so Yay Me! I still need to up the ante, so I can always improve this one.

How about you? Are you hitting your waypoints in 2016?

2 thoughts on “2nd Quarter 2016 Goal Check-In (just a little late)

  1. Wendy, my goals were not as amazing as yours but hey, getting into another juried show which was not on my list, is the major one so far. my other big goal was to enter 2 of my pieces into the local county fair and not only did that happen, both to took first place and one took best jewelery, again an unexpected surprise. My next goal is to quit the day job and despite wanting to do it at least once a month that isn’t going to happen any time soon. Have you watched the Gutenberg show yet? Glad you liked the GPTD.


    1. Your work is amazing, Laurie. If we could be paid by talent alone, then you could’ve quit your job a long time ago.
      The Gutenberg show was great! It was so cool to see how they figured out how to make that press. My husband lamented the fact that over there they have such great history shows and here we have nothing. We used to, not so much any more.


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