Where Did It Go?

Cuff made using the chasing over air technique (and then formed into cuff shape)
Cuff made using the chasing over air technique (and then formed into cuff shape)

Today I finally did what I’ve been saying I was going to do and I took off some posts here on Hammermarks. Yes, they were top performing posts, but they were also not exactly for the audience I’m trying to cultivate here. I love having metalsmith friends, fans, and followers, but my tutorial posts never seem to garner me actual interaction with people anymore.

I’ve debated having a separate site just for tutorials, but for now they are in storage. If you enjoy seeing in process posts of my pieces, musings on the art world, looks at other artists, and the lighter posts I sometimes offer, these will still be here.

If you have a comment about me taking these articles down, if it’s constructive leave it in the comments. Or you can always email me your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Where Did It Go?

  1. Hi Wendy
    Re. removing the tutorials, I would have thought that these tuts. probably brought visitors to your site and this would make your site rank better with Google, from that alone you would get more hits.
    Not everyone engages that comes to our sites but it still makes the site more popular in Googles eyes, also if they are like myself and are interested in this sort of metal work/art, they may well engage at a later date.
    In short the tutorials would give value to your site, your work and your art, which must be a good thing.
    As for myself I am a shipwright/ boat builder and I am considering putting tutorials on my site to add value and credibility to myself and my work, even if most visitors don’t engage the odd ones that do would make it worthwhile.
    I would also add that I have studied web design and SEO and the one thing that stands out for getting visitors, is that content is king.
    Love your work and will continue to come back to your site for inspiration from time to time.
    Many thanks Paul


    1. Paul, that’s true to a point, but I wrote the top post six years ago and as far as I can tell people who look at that post aren’t looking at anything other than the tutorials. And while it may add an SEO boost, it’s based on people who are looking for tutorials rather than people who are looking into purchasing my work.

      I want to share my journey with people, but I’d also like to sell my work and I need to change the focus of my site in order to better do that. I am definitely not saying that others shouldn’t mix both in there, but for me this is the decision that I have made. Maybe in the future that will change – I didn’t delete the posts, merely made them private – but for now this is how I feel.


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