And So It Begins…

First I cleaned my bench up a little...
First I cleaned my bench up a little…

I feel like I’m a little late this year, but I started SBC VIII today. Technically I started designing it before, but today I actually touched hammer to metal.

Will I be doing something simple this year? Something small, perhaps? Do you know me at all?

Some of the templates I'll be using ©2016 WTEK
Some of the templates I’ll be using ©2016 WTEK

I thought I was going to do something semi-simple, at least there wouldn’t be any raising or planishing involved. Then I remembered how long it took me to assemble Scavenger (whose assemblage idea I’m using this time around for my bowl) and I decided to scale up the size of the pieces. Because of course I want a super huge bowl this year. Fragmented got me hungering for bigger pieces last year.

1st step - texturizing (and yes, there is a brass piece here) ©2016 WTEK
1st step – texturizing (and yes, there is a brass piece here) ©2016 WTEK
All foldy-like ©2016 WTEK
All foldy-like ©2016 WTEK

So I figured I’d focus on texturing the pieces today. What metal do you think I’m using? Nickel of course! So it was pretty loud and grunty in the studio today as I textured, folded, and pried apart the GIANT sheets of nickel today. By giant I mean 22″ x 6″ 24g and 8.5″ x 12″ 22g.

Ta da! Unfolded! ©2016 WTEK
Ta da! Unfolded! ©2016 WTEK

I’m pretty sore in muscles I didn’t even know I had (or used.) This might also be compounded by all the snow shoveling that happened this past weekend (we had at least 31″.)

So how is your Super Bowl coming along? Thought of an idea yet? Maybe started work already? We have less than two weeks to go before February 7th, so you better get on it!

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