2015 Final Goal Check-In

How did I do this year in regard to my goals? Let’s find out!

Wendy’s 2015 Goal List

Jam 2015 Fall Show

Reap the Whirlwind at the JAM Gallery Fall Exhibition ©2015 Copper, Brass 8″h x 10.5″w x 10″d $1365.00
  • ACC Baltimore Show
  • Gain Representation in 1-3 new Galleries
  • Participate in 4 -8 Group Exhibitions
  • A Blog Post Every 4 Days (mostly √)
  • Redesign my website & blog
  • Execute a Solo Exhibition in 2015/2016
  • Continue to Build a Body of Work

At the third quarter mark I had completed these four goals: the 2015 ACC Show, and getting into the DCCA Alternatives Store (making 1/3 new galleries),  redesigning the website/blog, and the group exhibition goal.

I have had work in 6 group exhibitions this year Art of the State, Water, the 2nd Annual JAM Juried exhibition, the American Craft Week Masterpiece E-xhibit & Sale online exhibition, SNAG’s online exhibition, We Are SNAG: Contemporary Smiths, and Handmade Holidays 6 at Some Things Looming in Reading, PA. So that’s 6/8 plus the JAM Fall and Holiday shows (and previously the Spring and Winter shows). Technically that would make10/8, but we really should count the JAM shows (other than the juried exhibition) as gallery representation.

Ta da! Belt Buckle ©2015 WTEK nickel, brass
Ta da! Belt Buckle ©2015 WTEK nickel, brass

Throughout the year I made work that I’m proud of. I was able to complete 8 new major pieces and slew of new jewelry this Fall including my first ever belt buckles. The last couple of months were spent trying to get through one sculpture that I originally started in the Spring, but my other life schedule interfered with getting enough studio time to finish it in the time I would have liked to. Still – a lot to be proud of!

The solo exhibition was again on hold. Obviously I keep putting this last on the list. After I get through the holidays and I start my new job at the PA Guild of Craftsmen (moving from gallery assistant to Membership Coordinator) I will have a more flexible, yet steady schedule to help keep me on track with 2016 goals.

Hmmm... what are my 2016 goals?
Hmmm… what are my 2016 goals?

Posting every four days went ok, though I technically ended the year behind by 5 posts. This is much better and more consistent than last year, and I’m going to keep at this schedule next year.

So that’s 5.9/7, not too shabby! How did your 2015 go? Did you hit all your goals, some of your goals, or maybe realize you should’ve picked different goals? There’s always next year, and next year starts in just a couple of days!

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