2015 3rd Quarter Goal Check-In

Three quarters of the way through the year, can you believe it?!

Wendy’s 2015 Goal List

Jam 2015 Fall Show

Reap the Whirlwind at the JAM Gallery Fall Exhibition ©2015 Copper, Brass 8″h x 10.5″w x 10″d $1365.00
  • ACC Baltimore Show
  • Gain Representation in 1-3 new Galleries
  • Participate in 4 -8 Group Exhibitions
  • A Blog Post Every 4 Days
  • Redesign my website & blog
  • Execute a Solo Exhibition in 2015/2016
  • Continue to Build a Body of Work

Last time we checked in I had completed these three goals: the 2015 ACC Show, and getting into the DCCA Alternatives Store (making 1/3 new galleries*), and redesigning the website/blog.

Posting every four days is getting better, the second third of the year was better than the first, and September has been great. All in all much more consistent than last year.

The good news is, I finished the Arches Wall Piece ©2015 WTEK bronze, nickel, wood, brass
Arches ©2015 WTEK bronze, nickel, wood, brass

I have had work in 5 group exhibitions this year (so far!) Art of the State, Water, the 2nd Annual JAM Juried exhibition, and the American Craft Week Masterpiece E-xhibit & Sale online exhibition.  I also just found out last night that Akimbo was chosen for SNAG’s online exhibition, We Are SNAG: Contemporary Smiths (which will go live November 1st.) So that’s 5/8 plus the JAM Fall show (which I’ve been counting as gallery representation), so technically five! Plus I just got the email for the JAM Holiday show. So technically 7/8.

The solo exhibition has once again been on hold while I get ready for my October cluster of events. I’ll have plenty of time to buckle down on it starting in November… Plus I’ve been working on more new pieces, though it’s been mostly jewelry the past few weeks getting ready for those events ;^)

*I have actually looked into other galleries as well, so that hasn’t remained a stagnant goal.

How has your last quarter been? Making steady progress toward your 2015 goals?