2015 2nd Quarter Goal Check-In

Have the year has flown by and it’s time to see how my goals are coming along.

Wendy’s 2015 Goal List

  • Check out how colorful I am ©2015 WTEK
    3/8 group exhibitions? Check! ©2015 WTEK

    ACC Baltimore Show

  • Gain Representation in 1-3 new Galleries
  • Participate in 4 -8 Group Exhibitions
  • A Blog Post Every 4 Days
  • Redesign my website & blog
  • Execute a Solo Exhibition in 2015/2016
  • Continue to Build a Body of Work

We know about the 2015 ACC Show.

I was able to get into the DCCA Alternatives Store so that is 1/3 new galleries for 2015!

Mostly cut out and ready for annealing
New work taking shape!

So far my art has been juried into Art of the State, Water, and the 2nd Annual JAM Juried exhibitions.  So that’s 3/8 plus the JAM Fall show (which I’ve been counting as gallery representation.)

You can tell that the blog is redesigned and my website has been moved over to the new host and is totally new as well. I can’t promise there won’t be tweaks, but that goal is a big check mark!

New website design? Check!

I continue to build my body of work and I’ve been trying hard to post here every 4 days. That is obviously not 100% but it has been way more consistent.

The main thing I haven’t been working on is the solo exhibition. That will be a main focus after I complete the trophy commission I’m working on right now.

So what about you? Are you where you’d like to be halfway through this year? What’s been going right or wrong for you?