Art of the State Artist Interview: Drew Zimmerman

The Ruth Kligman Story ©2014 Drew Zimmerman newsprint, newspaper, acrylic, mixed media 24 x 30″

I first met Drew on Facebook the year when we were both in Art of the State. His piece had won second prize that year in the craft category and there was an interesting debate about whether his work is art or craft. I’m sure as an artist whose medium is paper mâché this is a common situation. I’ll let you be the judge (or you could just say it’s both!) as he’s my first featured artist interview for this year’s Art of the State interview series. Aside from his two(!) pieces in this year’s exhibition, you can see more of his art on Drew Zimmerman‘s website.

How did you get started in your craft? (using your media)
I started making puppets and masks to use in theatrical occasions when I got hooked on paper mache.

What has been inspiring/influencing your work lately?
I am inspired by the way we live in a world of abstractions, negotiating pure ideas and money, and are out-of-touch with the real planet.

Atlas ©2010 Drew Zimmerman mixed media 5 X 4′

Who are your favorite artists in your field?
I love Alexander Calder who worked in similar ways to myself. He could basically draw with #16 wire. An absolute master.

What is your favorite customer quote or story?
When I was supervising an opening at Muse Gallery in Phila., Olde City, some folks came in with color swatches, looking for a couch painting. It was hilarious.

What is your favorite piece of art or fine craft that you own?
I love my own “Houdini” and the labyrinth I made that hangs in my wife’s yarn shop. See my site for pictures and biographical statements.

Penelope ©2014 Drew Zimmerman mixed media 49 X 42″
Extra bonus points because he also is a Temple alumnus.