Updating Hammermarks’ Look

I mentioned a while ago that I’m redoing the old blog. Before I jump into changing the amount of tutorial action here, I’m starting with the look. While I can’t get it to match my website and still keep this blog address, I was thinking of updating the look to be closer to the new look there.

Here are two examples of what that might look like: (keep in mind that I will be able to customize certain aspects once I actually switch over to that theme)
This one:
Or This One:
sketchexampleThere is also a dark horse i n the running. It totally doesn’t match my website and it isn’t cleaner than what I have now, but I think it works with the aesthetic of my work. What do you think:

elegantgrungeexampleGive your opinions in the comments. You are the people who choose to look at it, so let me know your preference!

8 thoughts on “Updating Hammermarks’ Look

  1. The first or second. I’m leaning towards the second because it clearly says “Hammermarks” at the top. Don’t like the third one at all.

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  2. I also like the second one, it had your name on clearly so I’d know where I am and a nice space for the page titles. I do like the feel of the last one a lot, even though having the page titles on top is to me a little confusing. Somehow it gives your page more depth and it makes the images that are their now stand out.

    Good luck in choosing!

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