Playing with Paper

Five points on the left, three on the right ©2015 WTEK
Five points on the left, three on the right ©2015 WTEK

Since I finished Balefire, I’ve been trying to work out some new ideas. The easiest way to begin this process is for me to make some paper models. I wanted to work on a chalice-like piece (that you won’t be able to drink any liquid out of) that is folded and riveted together like Vortex is. The only thing is that I want a deeper shape that doesn’t have the sharp corners that Vortex has. So I worked on making it with five parts instead of three.

Cool, but not what I'm looking for ©2015 WTEK
Cool, but not what I’m looking for ©2015 WTEK

This didn’t really work for the project I had in mind, though it came out pretty cool. I tried manipulating the form a little bit, but it still wasn’t what I wanted. I went back to my original sketch and started working with shapes that arced the way I wanted. Then I used some patterns I had lying around from another project and fooled around with them until the began to shape what I wanted. I then drew the base shape and it looks super funky. We’ll see how it works.

That's the ticket! ©2015 WTEK
That’s the ticket! ©2015 WTEK