2015 First Quarter Goal Check-In

Has a quarter of the year gone by already?! It’s time to check-in and see how I’m doing so far this year.

Wendy’s 2015 Goal List

  • Look at my pretty new booth set-up! I got compliments on this as well as my art!
    ACC? Check!

    ACC Baltimore Show

  • Gain Representation in 1-3 new Galleries
  • Participate in 4 -8 Group Exhibitions
  • A Blog Post Every 4 Days 
  • Redesign my website & blog
  • Execute a Solo Exhibition in 2015/2016
  • Continue to Build a Body of Work

Obviously, I completed the ACC Baltimore Show this year. It’s nice to be able to check something off so quickly. You’ve already read my thoughts on how it went.

I have started laying the groundwork for contacting some big galleries and I have actually contacted a regional one that I haven’t heard back from yet, so I am actively working toward this goal. Nothing concrete yet though.

Side view. Pretty funky, huh? ©2015 WTEK
It’s almost done now! ©2015 WTEK

I have been applying to exhibitions, haven’t gotten into a couple and am waiting to hear the results of others. Plus I’m always looking for new ones to apply to. You’ll know when I get into my next one! (Plus there are always the ongoing JAM Gallery exhibitions in Malvern, PA.)

I have been close to adding a blog post every four days. I’ve noticed the difference in going back to some sort of regularity, so I’m glad I pushed myself back to this.

I obviously haven’t redesigned anything yet, but I am checking out other options. If I choose to change website providers, I will have to make that choice before summer, so you’ll know by the next check-in.

The last two goals are interrelated in that my body of work will be shown at any forthcoming solo exhibition. I was going to go out this past First Friday and check out local galleries I might approach about this, but I got ill after eating a coconut egg that I knew I shouldn’t have. What can you do? So I’ll have to go out on a less than optimal day to see how the traffic flow and space is at some galleries around the area. As you know, I have been working on some new pieces and I’ve almost completed that giant flame-y sculpture – it just needs rivets.

How is your year going so far? Accomplish anything awesome yet?

PS – Want to help me reach my goals? You can purchase my work online at my Etsy shop or in person at JAM Gallery in Malvern, PA!

2 thoughts on “2015 First Quarter Goal Check-In

  1. Way to go Wendy! I needed this today to get some motivation going on my end. Unlike you, I am taking this year off from shows and leaving a blank calendar. I will be working on several personal goals; being available for my family going through health issues, honing my felting skills by taking classes and working on one very special project for my sister who was diagnosed with myeloma earlier this year. I am making chemo scarves which I named Sisterhoods and the proceeds will benefit the Myeloma Cancer Research Foundation. This is bittersweet endeavor which gives me a pro-active way to help. Your posting made me realize how quickly a quarter of the year zips by and it is a self check to see how I am pacing myself. So far, so good and I wish you well with all of your 2015 goals.

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  2. That’s a good idea to take the time to help out your family, but still have a goal related your craft. The chemo scarves sound like a beautiful way to help ease that process even a little for the patients.


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