Sawing and Patterns

Crocus Alert!
Crocus Alert!

The weather has gotten much better. See even the crocusi (crocuses?) are popping up! Though I’ve been battling a low grade cold, I did manage to get some studio time in this weekend.

Sawing and Patterns, that’s where I’m at right now. I decided to do something about all that unfinished business I have sitting around and taunting me. Plus I had an idea for a new wallpiece (or should it be a platter? I’m torn.)

Kind of bunny eared, right?
Kind of bunny eared, right?

I had an idea a while back for a super tall, spiky vessel and I thought maybe that’s what I could do with that silver bowl that’s been waiting for inspiration to strike. So I had a go at some paper patterns. Not sure whether I’ll do this or start from scratch for the tall piece and work on a different solution I had to the silver puzzle.

Pierced Wavy Vessel metal
That brass is so shiny! Let’s see what I can do about that…

Then I finally got to cutting out the unpierced parts of that flame-like pierced vessel I’ve been working on. I had difficulty deciding whether to make them in brass or copper and I finally just had to pick one and move forward. I think my cold was fostering a sense of major indecision. I regret nothing about this choice so far…

Dble Pierced Bowl Pattern
Pattern for that wallpiece/platter I’m starting ©2015 WTEK

Then I cut out the bronze background part for a new piece that will have two very shallow formed parts with piercings that overlap partially. I had that same bout of indecision working on what type of metal to make the smaller piece (I’m going with my old stand-by, nickel.) and whether or not to keep them flat, concave, or convex. I’m going with my initial thought of concave.

The bronze is cut out now, but not the smaller piece. There's only so much sawing I can take at once!
The bronze is cut out now, but not the smaller piece. There’s only so much sawing I can take at once!

Basically while the crocuses (crocusi?!) are growing, so is my inspiration!