2014 Accomplishments

We’re getting into the last two weeks of the year, so I’m going to start my yearly year-end group of round-up posts a little early while we wait for my wall piece to get completed. It’s almost there, I promise. We’ll start with my list of accomplishments for 2014. If you post your accomplishments, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Wendy’s 2014 Accomplishments

This year's SBC, Cascade in the logo for 2015's Challenge. It's Feb 1st if you want to join in.
This year’s SBC, Cascade in the logo for 2015’s Challenge. It’s Feb 1st if you want to join in.
    • Ebb & Flow was accepted into the RefinedVIII: Maker’s Choice exhibition.
    • Memento Cervidae was accepted into the Reliquary/Redux exhibition in conjunction with the Metals Symposium at ECU.
    • Ngaru was in the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s All Across PA exhibition.
    • I completed Super Bowl VI, Cascade.
    • I was chapter juried in the Yellow Breeches Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen.
Cascade in Unmasked.
Cascade in Unmasked.
    • Memento Aurum was accepted in the TOP Jewels National Jewelry Design Exhibition.
    • Tether was juried into the Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2014 exhibition.
    • I taught my Foldforming Workshop in February and September.
    • Carapace was accepted into Unmasked, the YBC exhibition at PGC.
    • I designed a new workshop, Integrated Prong Setting.
    • Cascade & Akimbo were accepted into the JAM Gallery 1st Annual Juried Exhibition.
    • Akimbo won the JAM Gallery Certificate of Excellence in Sculpture at the juried show.
    • I had multiple works in JAM Gallery’s Fall Exhibition.
    • I was chosen to be one of the ACC/SNAG invitational exhibitors at the ACC Baltimore Show in February 2015.

      The Alchemists - Wendy Edsall-Kerwin, Christine Goldbeck and Don Kensinger with our piece, Elemental.
      The Alchemists – Wendy Edsall-Kerwin, Christine Goldbeck and Don Kensinger with our piece, Elemental.
    • I completed a collaboration piece for the YBC “Earth, Wind, & Fire” challenge, Elemental, with Christine Goldbeck & Don Kensinger.
    • Elemental won “Best Integration of Theme.”
    • The Alchemists Team won the Special President’s Award for Camaraderie and Facebook Notoriety.
    • I was invited to participate in the JAM Gallery Holiday Exhibition.
    • Elemental won the “People’s Choice Award” at Fall into Fine Craft.
View of (most of) our Rivet Pendant Workshop
View of (most of) our Rivet Pendant Workshop
  • My Air Chasing article was published in the book, Creative Copper Jewelry.
  • I was elected Vice President of the 2015 YBC Board.
  • I taught my Rivet Pendant Workshop in November.

Of course, this is along with all the other art that I created this year, as well as the pieces I hope to finish in the next two weeks! I thank everyone who helped make this possible, I couldn’t have done it without you!

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  1. Wendy,
    You have been a very busy girl and it is quite and impressive list of accomplishments. I wish you all the best in 2015 and another interesting year filled with good tidings.


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