Back to the Studio

The sketchy sketch design for my new wall piece I'm working on. ©2013 WTEK
Remember this?! =>The sketchy sketch design for my new wall piece I’m working on. ©2013 WTEK

After having a frenzied couple of weeks where I had almost no studio time, I’m finally able to get back into the studio this week. I’m not complaining because I was doing events and working, but it will feel good to be moving metal again.

I’m ready to start cutting the teapot/vessel that I’ve been working on. After that I’ll have to make the decision of whether or not to teapot. I’m also ready to start forming the big “U” shapes for the large wall piece I started last year (that’s right, LAST year.) Then I’ll just need to make the small nickel parts and put it all together.

The nickel parts for the "U" wall piece ©2014 WTEK
The bigger nickel parts for the “U” wall piece ©2014 WTEK

I’m also itching to get to work on a medium sized wall piece that has been in my mind for months. I don’t want to push off finishing what I’ve got started right now, but I know that this is one I can finish fairly quickly. I’m ready to do it, but I have to be disciplined and finish something else first.

Oh, and I have to get to work on my new booth set-up too. I’ll be posting images of that once it gets worked out. So you can look forward to more in-process posts of displays AND new work. Plus I’ll try to get some more artist interviews up soon.