Unmasked Reveals the Talent of the YBC

Unmasked 1

I bet you recognize that piece in the front...
I bet you recognize that piece in the front…

The opening for Unmasked was this past Friday and we had quite a turnout! The art on display was truly exemplary, just like Paula was really going for. She really stressed when the Yellow Breeches Chapter members applied that we should consider YBC to stand for “Your Best Craft” and there’s now way she could’ve been disappointed.

There is a great mix of wall pieces and sculptures and I am super impressed with the mix of work. This exhibition is unlike others that have been at the Guild. I’m proud to be included amongst such talent.

Unmasked 2 Unmasked 4Unmasked remains up throughout the month of October at the Pennsylvania Guild of Crafstmen‘s Center of American Craft.

335 N. Queen Street
Lancaster, Pa 17603