2014 Half Year Goal Check-In

Wendy’s 2014 Goals

Carapace ©2014 copper, brass 5 1/2"h x 6"w x 8"d $1825.00
Carapace ©2014 copper, brass 5 1/2″h x 6″w x 8″d $1825.00
    • 8 Group Exhibitions
    • Teach at least 3 Workshops
    • Write a Magazine Article
    • Make a Body of Work for a Solo Exhibition
    • Plan & Execute a Solo Exhibition for 2015
    • Gain Representation in 1-3 New Galleries
    • Work on Getting into a Top-Tier Craft Show (Late 2014/Early 2015)

Well, another quarter over and we’re halfway through 2014. Time to check-in on my goals again. First let’s go over what’s going right.

I’ve taught 1 out of the 3 workshops that I want to teach this year. You might wonder how that is going right. I have three more workshops scheduled for this Fall – Foldforming on September 6th, a new integrated prong workshop I just developed on October 4th, and Rivet Pendant on November 22nd (all at the PA Guild of Craftsmen in Lancaster, PA.) That will be 4 as long as they all go through!

Last time we checked in (in April) I had 3 of the 8 group exhibitions achieved. As of right now, I have 7 planned or completed! That’s just one more I have to be a part of to achieve this goal! You can see Tether at Art of the State through September 14th, Cascade & Akimbo at the 1st Annual JAM Gallery Juried Art show in August, and in October, Carapace will be in the YBC Chapter show, Unmasked.

Akimbo ©2012 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
Akimbo ©2012 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass

I am continuing to build up a body of work, though you can see that with all these group exhibitions the individual pieces are out and about traveling. I do wish I had a couple more done right now, but I feel comfortable with my progress so far (I do have a definite number and what kinds of pieces I want that I am working towards, it is a definable goal.)

Now the slower moving goal progress:

I still haven’t moved too far forward on the magazine article, though I did take photos of a particular process. I need to do the writing up and pitching for that still.

I’ve been applying to top tier shows, but I have to wait for their application openings and deadlines and I don’t want to apply to too many at once. So this one is progressing slowly.

As far as the solo exhibition goes, I’m focusing more on the actual body of work first, then try and shop it out to galleries. It is an integral faction of the other goal, so it does stay close to front of my mind.

Integrated prong pendants ©2009 - 2014 WTEK
Integrated prong pendants ©2009 – 2014 WTEK

As for the gallery representation, this is as always one that has been a bit on the back burner, mostly due to the building of the new work and all of the group exhibitions I’ve been doing. I am talks with a gallery about having work in another of their shows, so this might be a way to gain their representation. This is a something that I need. Without the craft shows this year I am feeling the heat as far as sales goes. I do have some events planned for this Fall, so that will help, but it still pinches a bit right now. Of course, it usually does this time of year anyway.

Half – year consensus: I’m doing pretty good so far, though I know I need to step it up in certain areas. But there’s still half a year, so that gives me time to switch my focus from what has worked out to what needs worked on. What about you? Are you where you want to be for halfway through 2014? What do you need to work on? What’s going well? Let us know in the comments!