Too Many Ideas

Thinking 2Too Many Ideas was in a subject line of an email I received over the weekend. I looked at it and thought, “I never have TOO many ideas. I always just save them for later.” I moved on.

About half an hour ago, I started getting ideas for new projects. It started when I was thinking about doing a World Cup Challenge – a chalice made during the World Cup this year much like my Super Bowl Challenge. Ideas for a chalice morphed into ideas for vessels. I got a few of them down on paper, then I remembered another idea I had had earlier. Then I started coming up with ideas for the small bowls I’m working on right now. Improvements and new directions. It was a bombardment of creativity.

An almost finished brass bowl. ©2014 WTEK
An almost finished brass bowl. ©2014 WTEK

I was wrong this morning. You CAN have too many ideas. I can’t put them all down on paper and have the enthusiasm and details stay strong in my mind. It will take too long to complete them all. Now I switch to my triage mode. Work on the ones I’m in the middle of first, the ones I’m most excited about next, and then move on to any others that have stayed fresh in my mind. If I forget it, then it wasn’t something I felt compelled enough to work on, right?

How do you deal with a flood of ideas?

PS – Who would be interested in doing a World Cup Challenge with me?