2014 First Quarter Goal Check-In

Wendy’s 2014 Goals

Ngaru along with pieces by Linda Schwartz, Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis, and Michael McIntyre
Ngaru along with pieces by Linda Schwartz, Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis, and Michael McIntyre in All Across Pennsylvania at the PA Guild of Craftsmen
    • 8 Group Exhibitions
    • Teach at least 3 Workshops
    • Write a Magazine Article
    • Make a Body of Work for a Solo Exhibition
    • Plan & Execute a Solo Exhibition for 2015
    • Gain Representation in 1-3 New Galleries
    • Work on Getting into a Top-Tier Craft Show (Late 2014/Early 2015)

So far this year, I’ve had work in 3/8 group exhibitions. I have application(s) out for others right now and I am constantly looking for others to apply to. I also have applications planned and out for some of the Top Tier shows I want to get in to.

As you know, I’ve had one workshop already this year. There is another Fold Forming workshop in the works for this Summer and I am planning on added a couple more this Fall.

More of these coming soon!

I have the ideas for both magazine articles I want to work on and I just need to start taking photos so I can shop them out soon. I did clean my studio enough that I can take them without too much fuss before hand.

Vortex ©2014 WTEK brass, nickel
Vortex ©2014 WTEK brass, nickel

All of the other goals are inter connected. I am steadily working on my Body of Work as evidenced in all my In Process posts lately. This means that each piece takes a bit longer to produce, but I am getting closer to my approximate goal. Then I’ll be able to plan the solo exhibition and start contacting places to host it. I have also been working on more pieces before contacting galleries to get more representation. Now that I’ve been able to work more regularly, this is getting closer to happening. I already have that I have been in contact with and will be getting more concrete with soon.

All in all I feel pretty confident at this point. Things will be ramping up soon and I have a good feeling about 2014 so far.


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