SBC VI Round-Up

Foldformed Soap Dish ©2014 Keri Lee Sereika copper 5.25″ diameter

It was another small year for the Super Bowl Challenge. I had hoped for a few more participants, but what can you do. I also hoped to get this post up sooner, but we lost power due to the ice storm this week. 36 hours, can you believe it?

The one other person who did complete a bowl was someone who found Hammermarks by chance not that long ago. She was looking up chasing over air techniques and her bowl features the organic wonderfulness of this process.

Foldformed Soap Dish ©2014 Keri Lee Sereika copper 5.25″ diameter

Keri Lee Sereika’s bowl is so beautiful and I think that it doesn’t even matter that there weren’t more participants because this bowl more than makes up for that. In her blog post about the bowl she lets out the secret that she combined challenges. This one fabulous bowl was made for both the SBC and for the Foldforming Facebook group challenge to make a functional object for the home.

There is still time to add your bowl if you didn’t get a chance to yet. Just add your images to the Flickr Pool or comment on this post and I’ll blog about you too!

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