2014 Goals

You might recognize some of these goals from years past. You also might notice that some are missing from past years. But if you keep doing the same thing and it doesn’t work out, why not stop trying to do it?

Wendy’s 2014 Goals

Exhibit from the back.
More of these please.
    • 8 Group Exhibitions – This is a goal that seems to work out most years, so I’ve upped it by 2 exhibitions this year
    • Teach at least 3 Workshops – A totally doable goal, and I already have one scheduled
    • Write a Magazine Article – I started this one last year and it got pushed to the side, so I plan on completing it this year
    • Make a Body of Work for a Solo Exhibition – Another one I started last year and plan on finishing this year (though that’s really an ongoing type of goal)
Tether ©2013 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
Tether ©2013 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
  • Plan & Execute a Solo Exhibition for 2015 – This is on my 5 Year Plan that ends in 2015, so it’s really important that I move forward with it
  • Gain Representation in 1-3 New Galleries
  • Work on Getting into a Top-Tier Craft Show (Late 2014/Early 2015)

That’s right, this year I’m cutting back on my regular craft shows. While many of my sales happen there, not enough to offset the costs associated with doing them. That’s why the refocusing on galleries and trying to get into a higher end show. I have to mix it up if I want to find my niche.

So what are your plans this year? Are you trying to mix it up as well or are you sticking with things that worked in the past?

3 thoughts on “2014 Goals

  1. I know this I is totally random. I found you from a fb post by Tina Mammoser about the supper bowl thing I was intrigued by your use of bronze .
    I also pretty much stopped doing shows because of the high expense to profit ratio . So my goal for this year is sell more on line. I have an etsy but have been using my own website . I’m interested in how you like etsy. I know there are a lot people that use it exclusively but I’m not convinced of its beniffits over a dedicated shopping cart website. Thanks for the great work I hope you find lots of anxious buyers. (have you looked into the Wendy Rosen trade shows?)


    1. Peter,
      I basically use Etsy just as a low cost way to sell my work online. With the glut of jewelry on the site, I don’t expect to get too much traffic from them, but use it in the same way I would a store on my own site. BMAC are a couple of options I’m thinking about for higher end shows, but I’m still looking around right now. Thanks for the input!


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