2013 Final Goal Check-In

It’s time for the final check-in with my goals for 2013.

Wendy’s 2013 Goals

Tada! Me with Ebb & Flow at the exhibition ©2013
Tada! Me with Ebb & Flow at the Art of the State exhibition ©2013
  • 4 Craft Shows
  • At least 6 Group Exhibitions
  • Teach 3 Workshops
  • Make a Body of Work for a Solo Exhibition
  • Make a Profit for the Year
  • Write a Magazine Article

As stated previously I only did 3 craft shows this year. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad, but it means I didn’t attain this goal.

I did have work in 6 group exhibitions, so this goal was attained! WooHoo!

I taught one workshop, so just 1/3 of this goal was attained. I didn’t have any workshops cancelled, though, so this is just indicative of my being able to schedule workshops rather than getting enough students to run them. Happily I already have one workshop for 2014 that is a definite go.

With all the cut out bronze and nickel pieces in place. ©2013 WTEK
Still working on this piece ©2013 WTEK

As the year closes, I had hoped to have more pieces done for my Body of Work goal. I do really like the pieces I have finished this year, and I think that I have been pushing myself in the right direction, so we’ll call this a wash.

I didn’t get to write a magazine article this year, though I did a lot of the planning for two different technical article ideas. So not attained, but also not a complete loss.

Now the big goal. Did I make a profit in 2013? I did not (unless I make a huge sale today, but it would have to be my best sale ever.) Because of this, I am drastically shaking up my plan for 2014. You’ll get to see that in my “Goals for 2014” post coming up shortly.