2013 Accomplishments

Tether ©2013 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
Tether ©2013 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass

Another tumultuous year comes to a close, but plenty of good things happened. Here is a list of all the good things that happened professionally in 2013.

  • I completed my 5th Super Bowl (are you joining me when I complete my sixth?)
  • Got into all the PA Guild shows I applied to
  • Hit my 5th Blogoversary here on Hammermarks
  • Got into the ArtsFestival Reading show
  • Ebb & Flow was accepted into Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2013 at the State Museum
  • Dwarf Bowl was in the Community Exhibition at the Lancaster Museum of Art
  • Memory & Shadow, Ngaru, and Tortuga were accepted into Vessels: All the Eye Can Hold at the Kennedy Heights Art Center
  • 5 pieces were in the Lancaster Designer Craftsmen show at the PA Guild’s Center of American Craft
  • My booth won Honorable Mention at the Peters Valley Craft Show
  • Got into Handmade Holidays 4 at Some Things Looming
  • I was one of the artists featured in the article, Young at Art, in Lancaster Newspapers in conjunction with the PGC Holiday Craft Show
  • Taught my Rivet Pendant workshop at PGC Center of American Craft
  • Memento Cervidae was accepted into Reliquary/Redux for next year
  • Ebb & Flow was accepted into Refined VIII: Maker’s Choice for next year

I think I did pretty good! Let’s hope that 2014 brings even more goodness into all of our lives.

What were some of your accomplishments for 2013?

5 thoughts on “2013 Accomplishments

  1. Thank you for sharing another year with us all, greatly appreciated and exciting to keep up to date with. I feel sure all will wish you the very best for 2014, I very much look forward to seeing your achievements grow. Kindest regards


  2. Oh you got into Reliquary Redux, that’s so cool! I had a terrific idea for that but didn’t finish it in time. Would love to see that piece if you post it. Congrats on a great year!


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