Top Posts of 2013

It’s time again for the year end round-up for 2014. Look forward to posts about 2013 goals, accomplishments, and top posts. We’ll start out with the

Top Posts of 2013 on Hammermarks

“But these are old posts,” you complain. That’s true. Oldies but goodies. If you want to know the top posts that were published in 2013, check these out:

What we can learn from all this, is that people like to learn things here on Hammermarks. Learn processes, about tools, or about other artists. Just like last year, I do want to point out that my #1 post is actually the blog home page. So What ever is newest is the most read… technically.

Top Posts This Week

But what’s my #1 post of ALL TIME?

Get to Better Know Your Hammer-Planishing Hammer

Planished Bowl - See the Beautiful Shine!
Shiny bowl, shiny hammer.

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