2013 Rivet Pendant Workshop Student Work

Hard at work in Lancaster.
Hard at work in Lancaster.

Yesterday was my first time teaching at the brand new PA Guild facility in Lancaster, PA! Since it snowed on Saturday, the class got moved to Sunday and not everyone showed up. But we had a good little group chock full of riveters. There were two Millersville University metals students and a Mother/Son team.

Caitlin Feather Pendants
Caitlin made two pendants, one that features sharpie coloring to bring out the textures. You might remember her from last year’s Fold Forming workshop.
Tyshana Rosado Pendant
Tyshana’s pendant. She went crazy with the textures!
Cathy Milanak Pendant
Cathy’s pendant. She used the Liver of Sulfur to darken it.
Luke Milanak Pendant
Luke made two pendants. Obviously, he’s riveted before. Guess what? He’s in high school, imagine when he gets to a college program.
Luke Milanak
Luke wearing his second pendant. He took up the challenge of riveting curved pieces together.

Does all this look like fun to you? Well I’m teaching a Fold Forming class at the Guild on February 22nd.