2013 Lancaster Community Art Exhibition

Parallel Spheres © Denny Boyd watercolor
Parallel Spheres © Denny Bond watercolor

I finally made it out to this exhibition at the Lancaster Museum of Art on Sunday. I have to say that it wasn’t as good as it sometimes is, though there were a few gems. I was terribly disappointed with how my bowl was displayed, it felt like it was just shoved into an alcove with no thought. Almost every other 3D work had its own pedestal. Oh well.

My favorite piece was a watercolor by Denny Bond – Parallel Spheres. It had great lighting with a deep black on the left hand side. There were also a number of things that had great reflective properties (the spheres, her shirt) and the realism in her face is wonderful. You might remember me mentioning his double self portrait from the PA Watercolor Show last Fall.

Wilderness © Linda Stetina
Wilderness © Linda Stetina

There were pieces by some Lancaster artist standbys like Ted Rasmussen, Mimi Shapiro, Heather Heilman Loercher, and Roberta Little that were all the cream of the crop this year. There was a sproingy steel sculpture by Nancy Baum that dominated the big room downstairs, and upstairs next to Roberta’s piece was Wilderness – a marker and ink work by Linda Stetina that I liked.

I know I need to keep in mind that it is an open community exhibition, but I did have to pay an entry fee, so I wish a little more thought had been made in placing my bowl. Next year I’ll just have to submit a giant sculpture that won’t fit in some tiny alcove or be dwarfed by the drawing next to it…

Secret Nest of a Dragon Flying © Roberta Little Winner of best named piece as far as I'm concerned
Secret Nest of a Dragon Flying © Roberta Little
Winner of best named piece as far as I’m concerned

Another disappointment was reading the awards juror’s statement:

“I mistakenly assumed the land of hex signs and furrowed fields would inspire hard-edged geometric abstraction and minimalism. Not so here, though, making me think that artists who see minimalism in their everyday lives might just as likely aspire to the expressionistic art you see [here]” – Edith Newhall

I’m not sure what the minimalism in the life of the typical Lancaster County person is supposed to be. It’s not the ’30s and we aren’t all farmers who can’t afford frills. People here don’t live minimalistic lives anymore than they do in Philadelphia. It’s just the typical prejudice that simple folk live here in the county.

Treading the Labryinth © Mimi Shapiro
Treading the Labryinth © Mimi Shapiro
Dwarf Bowl ©2009 WTEK lost next to that drawing. Plus it's about at knee height.
Dwarf Bowl ©2009 WTEK lost next to that drawing. Plus it’s about at knee height. and facing away from the viewer.

Sorry for the mini rant, I promise my next post will be a little less bitter. And, surprise!, it’ll be an in process post!

Added thought – maybe I shouldn’t have named it “Dwarf” bowl… that could’ve been seen as a challenge ;^)

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  1. Wow Wendy, sorry to hear of your experience. I totally agree with both rants! I hope you said something about your display, or better yet, write a letter to them!


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