A Look at My Tools – Pliers

My pliers section
My pliers section

Obviously I love tools. They help me shape metal into what I see in my head. You’ve read about my obsession with hammers, but there are so many other tools that a metalsmith and jeweler uses. Today I’ll introduce you to my pliers.

I don’t use a lot (for a jeweler), but I do have more than one type sitting on my bench. A wireworker would have a lot more than I do and there are a ton of specialty ones for small scale forming that would be great to have, but I can’t really justify buying just because they’re cool. Just check out Rio Grande’s pliers section to see how many different types there are.

Counter clockwise from left: Chin nose, Round Nose, Parallel Pliers
Counter clockwise from left: Chain nose, Round Nose, Parallel Pliers

Mostly I use three basic kinds – round nose, parallel, and chain nose. Since I mostly do forming, I don’t need these very often. I do some wire forming with the round nose pliers, but I use the other kinds just to hold things in place, to pull a messed up rivet out, or for pulling apart folded metal. I’m no expert on which type is best for what job. But still they are important for the few little jobs I need them for.

What are your favorite types of pliers? What specialty jobs do you need them for?

One thought on “A Look at My Tools – Pliers

  1. When I can actually find my pliers, I use them when I am making silk flower arrangements or placing objects into mixed media paintings. Certainly, giving your knowledge and collection of pliers, I know where to come when I cannot locate mine 😉


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