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There has been a recent fervor involving my last post here on Hammermarks – 5 Things About Me. It wasn’t about what I wrote about myself, but basically just one word I used – “stole.” There was a whole conversation on Facebook and it was even posted on the blog of the woman who took offense to my language.

I pointed out (as did Ken Mueller, the person I “stole” from) on the FB post and at her blog that I know Ken, I didn’t really steal anything (it was a meme type post after all), and that the word was used playfully. This woman has blogged extensively recently about stealing in the context of intellectual property such as workshop curriculum, trade techniques, and design. I am opposed to these things as well. It isn’t right to steal someone else’s idea and pass it off as your own.

But that’s not what I did. I attributed the post (and linked to it) and the only content that was copied were the five questions. All the answers were my own. It all came down to the use of one word – “STOLE.” Plus Ken is my friend. He isn’t upset about what I did.

So is one word enough to to talk like this about someone online? To put their name up there as someone who is akin to people who appropriate other’s designs and workshops for their own profit? Is it really like stealing a puppy from a pet shop because I think it is cute? (This is an actual comparison from the FB comments.)

What are your thoughts on this? I’m not asking you to pick a side, but where do you stand on the issue of appropriating content? What about memes? What about stealing puppies?

8 thoughts on “Stealing Content

  1. Holy crap! The angry woman who used your blog, which was obviously tongue-in-cheek, as respects “stealing, to get attention for herself should look at herself. I think taking the work of others, twisting it out of context and out of reason, and making it all about the author is Rush Limbaugh’s shtick! She owes him an apology – and she should give the damn puppy back!


  2. Wow. I didn’t take it that your were literally “stealing”; just that you were sharing something and asked us to respond in kind.

    For the record, I’m against stealing content & puppies. I know a number of bloggers who are fine with you sharing their content as long as they are given credit with a link back. Someone did that with one of my recent posts.

    Hang in there and keep blogging.


  3. Libel is extremely offensive – even more so than accusations of theft when unproven and unfounded! The blogger should be muzzled!
    Some Artists are absolutely ridiculous when they think someone has copied their work. Of COURSE if there is a legitimate complaint of someone making an exact copy their is considerable merit to their anger. What I am talking about is if someone admires your style of work and use it as inspiration to make something with their own twist on it, their own style I don’t see that as ‘copying’ or stealing ideas as the end result is quite different. Yet we see people going nuts all the time because ‘someone copied my work’. I think it was Orchid where I read that there have only been a handful of truly ORIGINAL designs in jewellery the past 100 years or more. Most designs all been done before with very few exceptions! The difference IS putting our own unique style on those designs.


  4. I think bloggers do this all the time, expanding on a thought is all you did plus you gave credit and linked the original post ! Wonder why she got so riled up 😦 Love reading your blog Wendy please do keep writing 🙂


  5. A few things- 1) There are 8 billion people on the planet. You will never please all of them.
    2) Let it roll off. All the time you spend defending yourself against these people is time you are not making amazing creations. Flo Jo said if she stops to kick at every barking dog, she’ll never get where she wants to be.
    3) Copying is part of creating.
    4) Wen, you’re awesome.


  6. I think she needs to move on…she’s beating a dead horse, and that horse expired a long time ago. The flies are starting to come around.
    This is an education for me, since I just started a blog in which I review restaurants and other things I spend my hard-earned money on. It’s a work in progress, but its fun to write and it’s making me eat more (gotta watch that!)…I’m a foodie at heart, and skinny so far (but not for long)
    Lindabillet is right…and this Harriet person just spent a lot of energy slamming something she doesn’t understand. She became so wrapped up in the technicalities of the word “steal” that she didn’t get the nuance. I suspect she doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. It must be exhausting to spend that much time and energy on maligning someone.
    It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there in a blog. I’m finding it a little scary, but, just like in my job, I have to get my “online” thick skin.
    I suspect you already have one Wendy.


  7. Thank you everyone for your comments and kind words. Now I need to go and spend some time coming up with some blog posts related to my art. The funny thing is that I did that one as a fun post!


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