Super Bowl Strikes Again!

Ebb & Flow ©2013 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
Ebb & Flow ©2013 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass

I have some great news. For the third time, I have a piece in Art of the State! And for the second time, it is one of my Super Bowls!

That’s right, this year’s bowl, Ebb & Flow, has been accepted into Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2013. The exhibition will be at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, PA from June 23 – September 8, 2013. The opening reception and awards ceremony will be on June 22.

Not only did my bowl get in, but some of my art friends have pieces in the exhibition as well. Lynnette Shelley’s The Dogs of War, Sue Reno’s Silk Mill #3, and a piece by Jason Lyons will all be there as well. All in all, 137 works were chosen out of 1,934 entries.

“The Dogs of War” ©2012 Lynnette Shelley 22 x 30 inches (25 x 37″ approx framed)
Silk Mill #3 ©2013 Sue Reno 53” h x 60”w