5th Blogoversary Contest

Earlier this year an author that I follow, Kevin Hearne, had a contest where he asked his fans to create nerdscapes. I made one and thought that this would be a fun idea for my 5th blogoversary. Instead of nerdscapes, I thought we’d make it a little more arty. So I want you to create some artscapes this year!

What’s an artscape?

Example of an Artist's Artscape
Example of an Artist’s Artscape

I’m offering two options.

  1. Collector’s Artscape – Assemble a bunch of artwork that you’ve collected and take a photo of it. THIS CAN’T BE YOUR OWN WORK. Any kind of art will be accepted – ceramics, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, you name it. You must own this art, so no taking photos in museums or public spaces. Also, no mass produced prints eg: Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. All work must be originals or photos/limited edition prints produced by the artist.
  2. Artist’s Artscape – This is where you can use your own work. Mostly here I would like to see the tools of your trade though. Show your brushes, paints, chisels, hammers, wheels, etc. You may display a finished piece or two, but the emphasis should be on how you make your art. Feel free to include anything that inspires you as you work as well.

The deadline to enter the contest is March 16th. I will posting the winners on the 17th – the actual blogoversary. The winners will be chosen on my whim, so the more creative and exciting the photos, the better. If you are both an artist and collector, you may enter twice, but you must adhere to the guidelines listed above. (I realize I’m only giving you a week’s notice, so just do the best you can in the time allotted.) The most important rule, though, is to HAVE FUN!

To enter, add your photos to the appropriate Flickr group – Artist Artscape or Collector Artscape. Once you add your photos, leave a comment below. Make sure to mention which prize you would prefer, or list them in order. I’ll try to accommodate requests.

The prizes will be:

This pair of brass fold formed earrings made by me - a $100.00 value
This pair of brass fold formed earrings made by me – a $100.00 value
A Fabulous Pendant by Nemo
A Fabulous Pendant by Nemo
A PDF copy of my book


In case you wondering what my Nerdscape looked like –

One thought on “5th Blogoversary Contest

  1. Thanks for such a fun contest, Wendy. I uploaded a photo of part of my (pretty big) collection of handmade pottery – each with contemporary or whimsical handpainted designs. I was a ceramic artist for over twenty years but closed my studio in 2001 due to repetition motion injuries – but I have a lot of pieces from other artists. Each piece of pottery in the photo was obtained by trading my work with other exhibitors at art and craft shows over the years. I remember every single artist and the show where I bartered for it. Each piece is very special because it contains a wonderful memory, and I consider this collection irreplaceable.

    If chosen, I would love to win the Fabulous Pendant by Nemo because I know a very special artist who would enjoy it as a gift.


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