That Crazy Weather Outside

See all that silver? That's my DIY insulation job on one of the doors.
See all that silver? That’s my DIY insulation job on one of the doors.

Today is supposed to be a studio day. But the wind decided that it shouldn’t be. We’re having 30-50 mph gusts of wind right now on what seems like it would be a rather enjoyable day otherwise. The sun is out, the temp isn’t so bad, if only the wind wasn’t trying to big bad wolf my house.

You may be asking yourself how this could possibly affect my studio practice. Well, my studio is actually the garage and while it has a heater (and a small space heater) it still has 20yr old garage doors that I did my best to try and insulate, but still let in vast amounts of wind on days like today. This makes it pretty uncomfortable to work in there. Plus it affects my torch use/exhaust fan.

But maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to take a nap. Regardless, I WILL be in the studio on Sunday completing my bowl. Will you be working on your SBC project as well?