2012 Accomplishments

Akimbo ©2012 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass
Akimbo ©2012 WTEK bronze, nickel, brass

While there was plenty of stress and other bad things in 2012, there were also good things going on in my professional life. Here are my accomplishments for this year:

  • Got into both PA Guild of Craftsmen shows I applied to
  • Got into the Goggleworks Arts Festival Reading
  • I was invited to make a teapot for Mobilia Gallery’s Teapot Redefined exhibition (and it sold!)
  • Memory & Shadow was in Forged at Target Gallery
  • I was invited to the Highlands show
  • I taught Fold Forming at HACC in May and December
  • Got into the Peters Valley craft show
  • Scorpius in the Community Art Awards at Lancaster Museum of Art
  • Mobilia invoited me to submit another teapot to the second half of the Teapot Redefined
  • Scorpius, A Circuitous Course, and Pleat were accepted in Crafted at Studio B
  • I won 2nd Place at Peters Valley craft show
  • Accepted into Handmade Holidays at Some Things Looming
  • I was just accepted into Ganoksin’s Vessels by Metalsmiths Online Exhibition

Here’s hoping that 2013 brings a plethora of new accomplishments and opportunities to us all!

What were some of your favorite accomplishments this year?

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