Top Posts of 2012

It’s time for the year end round up. For the first of these posts this week I give you the

Top Posts of 2013

Planishing Hammer
Planishing Hammer – Still #1, or at least #2
How the two parts will eventually fit together. Of course there will be parts taken away and added as well...
One of those two Big Projects…

You may notice that none of these are new posts, but they are mostly my educational ones. Except for the tattoo one… In comparison, my top five posts for this week were:

  1. Hammer Tattoos
  2. Get to Better Know Your Hammer – Planishing Hammer
  3. Fold Forming December 2012
  4. Two Big Projects in the Works
  5. Tools and Resources for Fold Forming

In both cases my home page was actually the number one viewed “post” but I didn’t count that since the content is always changing on that. It just gives some perspective that my newest content is technically my most viewed. Do you agree with these stats? What was your favorite post on Hammermarks this year?

Later this week we’ll review my 2012 Goals and, provided I get them figured out, my 2013 Goals. I’ll probably toss in a list of 2012 accomplishments as well.