Getting Inside Your Head

If this lego guy can use a torch, I should be able to too.

I was going to have an in progress post here yesterday after working in the studio, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. I went into the studio, did some sinking, but then had a huge problem when I went to anneal my metal (I’m actually working on two different pieces that are both being sunk right now.) I just couldn’t light the torch. I had done it 15min earlier on the first piece, but when I needed to anneal the second piece something just got inside of my head.

I know this happens to athletes sometimes and it has happened to me once before, but I just got a mental block where it became impossible for me to even try to light the torch. I’ve been really stressed out lately and there’s been a lot of pressure to get as much studio time in as possible right now, so I think that this helped cause this “torch-fright” I had. Later when I started cooking dinner I felt the same way about peeling potatoes, so I know it isn’t specifically torch related, but it really bothered me.

Do you ever feel so much pressure to do something that you just shut down? Does your mind ever trick you into thinking you can’t do something? I know that I’ll be able to work in there another day (hopefully soon, but there are other things on my schedule for the next couple of days.) I just hate feeling so stressed out. What are ways that you deal with stress this time of year?

3 thoughts on “Getting Inside Your Head

  1. It could simply be shut down – however having looked after my mom for 12 years as an Alzheimer’s victim what you are describing is a huge red flag for the disease.
    We all have moments of forgetting where we left keys or what we had for lunch or whose face is that… when we begin forgetting HOW to run the microwave, HOW to light a torch or peel potatoes it may be a sign of something more serious going on. Alzheimers is claiming younger and younger victims each year with victims in their 50’s becoming more common and some in their 40’s.
    I was pretty darned stressed out those 12 years and couldn’t BELIEVE it when I forgot my mother’s appointment for cataract surgery! I STILL can’t years later! Ms Punctuality was my middle name! I didn’t forget ‘how to do’ things though.

    Just BREATH! 5 or 10 minutes meditation daily will help Wendy, its what kept me going that decade. After the holidays if you are still experiencing that type of memory loss get thee to a physician.


    1. Aurora,
      It wasn’t a memory issue, more anxiety related. I’m fairly certain that it is caused by stress, but thank you for your concern.

      Yeah it was just a day to stay out of the studio. Doesn’t happen too often, and I’m glad to hear that yours are rare!


  2. There are days I just feel like I am in a funk. Luckily they are rare. I just need to recognize it and give myself a break from the busyness.


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