Some days you just need to be realistic

A little more work done today on the raising…

There are days when you can get done everything that you set out to do. These are great days. Then there are the days that you realize that you have so much to do you need a whole week to get it done. I’m having one of those days.

The best thing to do in these situations is to triage. Figure out what is the most important thing to work on, then the next most important, etc. Or maybe work on the most important thing and then a couple of smaller things that you know you can get finished. Then at least at the end of the day you can see some of the fruits of your labor and the list of what didn’t get done doesn’t taunt you quite so much.

So today I worked in the studio (#1 most important thing) and decided that my newsletter didn’t need revised and sent it to the printers. Next is this post. So I have two things that I have proof of completion and some work done on my #1 thing. Tomorrow will end up being a home chore day, but those things need done too. That will be a few more checks on my list.

How do you handle To Do List Overload?

4 thoughts on “Some days you just need to be realistic

  1. it’s all about prioritizing what needs to be done NOW, and what can wait until tomorrow. Always give yourself some breathing room in your schedule, so you can work on tomorrow’s tasks today, if there is spare time. Getting ahead = the best feeling in the world.


  2. My to-do list grew from 16 to 31, down to 20 and now hovers around 19. Once it is on the list I just pick something and do it. Eventually those things that you avoid will be all that is left and THEN you have to do them! And then writing a post about those items you have completed is a great source of satisfaction.


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